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Early Signs of Water Heater Problems

Posted in Rebates & Incentives, on January 02, 2019 By Admin

Early Signs of Hot Water Heater Problems

Has your hot water heater done something odd lately? * Loud knocking, popping, banging sounds * Noticing Visible sediments in your hot water * Pilot light that won’t stay lit, usually because of a defective thermocouple, or pilot tube. * Leaks from the top of the tank or bottom of the tank * Circuit breaker tripping due to electrical issues. * Not enough hot water for a shower Most of these issues could be minor if dealt with early on. However, they lower the quality of your hot water as well as the efficiency of your system if not addressed. Join our program today, Home Trade Standards provide: 10-Year Warranty on All Parts and Labour Own It Instead of Renting forever Professional Installation * Safely uninstall and remove your old water heater. * Install a new, high-performance model that meets your family’s water demand. * Return the old tank to the rental company and have them stop the charges on your gas bill. * Ask for your rebates. For more information on the specification of our model please click on the link belowHome Trade Standards is Canada’s leading e-commerce provider of furnaces, air conditioners, indoor air quality, water heaters, water treatment and other HVAC  products for your home or business. Our website allows our clients to purchase HVAC & Indoor Air Quality equipment online including full installation & warranty registration services. Please visit “How It Works” today to learn more about how to get started! If you have any inquiries in regards to your existing/new water heater, furnace or air conditioning system, water treatment system or plumbing services, protection plans, repair and maintenance services.

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