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Lennox | Healthy Climate EAC-14

$1,450.00 + HST

from $15.58/month

Including Installation

Lennox | Healthy Climate EAC-14

Electric Air Cleaners are an effective measure and economically friendly way to clean your air in your home. EAC's work n 4 stages: 

  • Located inside of the unit, a pre-filter takes out large particles, the compartment is usually a steel mesh, and can be cleaned easily by washing it off under some water.
  • Ionizer, this stage gives the smaller remaining particles a negative charge.
  • Stage 3 is where the particles are collected on positively charged plates.
  • The activated charcoal filter removed odours and volatile organic compounds (VOC). Through normal air filtration; harmful compounds and air may be difficult to remove as they are too small, activated charcoal filters are perfect for capturing these! 

An EAC can capture most particles as small as 0.1 microns (1/250,000 inch, smaller than most bacteria).



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