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Majestic | Quartz Series

The Quartz series gas fireplaces have the features you need with the options you want. Customize for the fireplace that fits into your life. The shallow depth takes less of your living space which makes ambiance accessible to all, while the versatile interior can be changed from traditional to contemporary to fit your style.

  • Shallow depth allows you to install more places
  • Customize the interior with traditional or contemporary features
  • Create a contemporary look now or later
  • Available in 32”, 36” & 42” models *
  • Up to 28,500 BTUs

Limited Lifetime Warranty
Our Limited Lifetime Warranty is the strongest in the industry. It illustrates our commitment to producing the best and most reliable products available—and allows you to own your hearth appliance with confidence. Read more specifics on our Limited Lifetime Warranty here.

Quartz 32

Appliance Width:36"
Appliance Height:34-3/8"
Appliance Depth1:16-5/16"
Appliance Rear Width:25-3/4"
Framing Height:34-3/4"
Framing Depth:16-1/4"
Framing Front Width:37"
Framing Back Width:37"
Fuel Type:Natural gas or liquid propane
BTU/hr Input:21,000 (NG); 18,500 (LP)
Heating Capacity2:Up to 900 sq ft
Viewing Area:27-3/16 x 18-1/16"

Quartz 36

Appliance Width:41"
Appliance Height:37-7/8"
Appliance Depth1:16-5/16"
Appliance Rear Width:30-3/4"
Framing Height:38-1/4"
Framing Depth:16-1/4"
Framing Front Width:42"
Framing Back Width:42"
Fuel Type:Natural gas or liquid propane
BTU/hr Input:24,000 (NG): 20,500 (LP)
Heating Capacity2:Up to 1,100 sq ft
Viewing Area:32-1/16 x 21-1/2"

Quartz 42

Appliance Width:48"
Appliance Height:39-9/16"
Appliance Depth1:16-5/16"
Appliance Rear Width:37-3/4"
Framing Height:39-7/8"
Framing Depth:16-1/4"
Framing Front Width:49"
Framing Back Width:49"
Fuel Type:Natural gas or liquid propane
BTU/hr Input:28,500 (NG)/26,000 (LP)
Heating Capacity2:Up to 1,300 sq ft
Viewing Area:39 1/16 x 23 916"


Quartz 32

AFUE:53.0% (NG) / 57.7% (LP)
Canada EnerGuide:56.0% (NG) / 54.1% (LP)

Quartz 36

AFUE:53.0 (NG) / 54.9% (LP)
Canada EnerGuide:50.7% (NG) / 51.1% (LP)

Quartz 42

AFUE:60.3% (NG)/61.4% (LP)
Canada EnerGuide:61.3% (NG)/60.5% (LP)

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