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Skymark & Skypak Replacement Units | Electric & Gas Models

Skymark & Skypak Replacement Units | Electric & Gas Models

Johnson Control Skymark's self-contained units are heating and air conditioning systems available in electric and gas models. These units have been obsolete and the production was stopped by Johnson Control several years ago. Home Trade Standards offers Full Retrofit & Replacement Solutions for the old Skymark & Skypak self-contained heating and cooling systems. If you leave in a condo in Toronto and looking to replace your old package system, then you have come to the right place! 

Skymark SGAC, SEAG, RGAD, READ, SGAE & SEAE Retrofit Solutions Available!

If your existing Skymark system starts with SGAC, SEAG, RGAD, READ, SGAE & SEAE model numbers then the R-Skypak system will be the right replacement solution for your older system. R-Skypak is designed to replace these obsolete systems.  

Job Site Inspection Required

If you're planning to upgrade your old system, a Home Trade Standards technician must visit your home to fully inspect the existing condition of your home prior to providing any retrofit proposal. 

It Takes 2 Months To Build a Retrofit System, Plan Today!

Our suppliers need at least 6 to 8 weeks to build a retrofit option for this unit. These units are no longer in stock and they are only built for special orders. Simply contact us today to book an appointment.





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