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Omega Heat Pump VI Series | Whalen Replacement Heat Pump


Omega VI Heat Pump Installation & Replacement In Toronto & GTA

Home Trade Standards is an authorized OMEGA VI Heat Pump distributor and installer in Toronto & GTA Area. You can contact us for all OMEGA Heat Pump Service related inquires. 

OMEGA VI Series are Direct Replacement for Whalen VI units.

The Omega VI units come with a simple design with lockout replay, R410 Refrigerant & dimension that match the original Whalen Unit in your condo. This allows simple removal & replacing with the new Omega VI Unit.

Omega VI has identical dimensions to Whalen VI Heat Pumps. Supply, return and condensate drain pipes are designed to be aligned with the existing water lines to make the installation process easier.

Omega VI offers a 1-year manufacturer part & labour warranty on all the parts and the compressor from the date of installation. 

Omega Vi Heat Pump Repair & Maintenance Services

Home Trade Standards Provides professional repair services for water source heat pumps. We have authorized OMEGA Water Source Heat Pumps Dealers in Toronto & GTA Area. Please contact us for all the repair & service inquires. 


To Book an Appointment, Please Call us now at (416) 736-7001 or Contact Us Here.



We recommend doing Semi-Annual Maintenance & Inspection On All OMEGA Water Source Heat Pump Systems.  Here Is What Needs To Be Done. 

1. Visual Inspection

2. Run Basic Operation With The Thermostat

3. Remove Panel & Replace The Filter (Clean return air panel as necessary)

4. Shutt Off The Main Power and Remove The Inner Panel.

5. Vacuum Air Coil Surface Inside. You Can Use Mixture Of Soap & Water To Spary The Face of The Coil. We Use Special Germ Cleaners & Coil Cleaning Products For This Task.  

6. Clean & Inspect Fan and Motor Assembly for Dirt and Debris.

housing and blower wheel if required. (Whalen Units utilize

7. Inspect Chassis Water Hoses For Cracks and/or leaks. The life span of hoses is approximately 5 years. Hoses should be

hand tightened only – do not over-tighten.

8. Inspect drain pan, clean if necessary. Check Condensate Drain To Ensure It's Not Clogged

9. Replace the inner panel & reinstall the panel with a clean filter installed.

10. Restore Power

To Book an Appointment, Please Call us now at (416) 736-7001 or Contact Us Here.

Omega Vertical Heat Pump Assembly View (Silver Series Cabinet)

Omega Heat Pump Assembly View. Omega Silver series Heat pumps.

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