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York YCD42B22S Air Conditioner | 3.5 TON 13 SEER


York YCD42B22S Air Conditioner | 3.5 TON 13 SEER


Assurances that lead the industry Comfort is more than a feeling – it’s a promise. YORK residential systems are designed, engineered and assembled in the United States. They have earned Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval accolades, and our Affinity Series YP9C gas furnace has been recognized as a Consumers Digest Best Buy. YORK Affinity YZV outdoor units are also backed by an unmatched, limited 1-year labor warranty, lifetime compressor and 10-year parts limited warranties on registered products. With a YORK Affinity system, confidence comes standard.

Technology made personal

Imagine a system that comes with preconfigured operating profiles based on the climate where you live, giving the contractor the ability to quickly adjust the system for your specific needs. We call that innovative technology Climate SetTM, and it can only be found in new YORK Affinity outdoor heat pump and air conditioner units.

Another feature that helps your installer tailor the system to your location is ClimaTrakTM, which allows further fine-tuning of the blower operation for specific applications. And because we believe your new YORK Affinity system should be felt, not heard, our QuietDriveTM suite of engineered sound-defeat- ing technologies reduces outdoor operating sound levels to no more than a typical kitchen dishwasher. These are just a few of the ways the YORK Affinity system has been designed to make home comfort more personal than ever before.

The new YORK Affinity Variable Capacity Residential Systems raise the bar in home comfort performance, control and quality. Because in our quest to make home comfort more personal – and more practical – we examined every detail that matters to you. And then we went to work. The result is a new definition of home comfort: YORK Affinity Variable Capacity Residential Systems. It’s comfort by YORK, made for you.


Variable capacity means consistent comfort. Even, consistent comfort without the temperature swings associated with typical, staged heating and air conditioning systems. That’s just one benefit of YORK Affinity Variable Capacity Systems. It dynamically controls the compressor, outdoor fan and indoor blower to maximize comfort while minimizing both power consumption and sound. The steady, near-silent operation of a YORK Affinity system is so smart and makes you so comfortable, you may not even realize it’s running.


Advanced monitoring is built-in YORK Affinity Variable Capacity Systems are the first, high-efficiency residential split systems to feature built-in Charge AssuranceTM monitoring to provide your contractor with all the information they need to evaluate the system charge without connecting gauges, sensors or accessories.

The result is faster system set-up, more efficient routine maintenance and maximized service life. This self-monitoring system also notifies you — and your servicing contractor, if desired —

of any issues that may require attention and helps your contractor address them more quickly. Self-monitoring — now that’s smart and efficient.




3.5 Ton

SEER Rating


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