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Gas Boiler Repair & Installation Services in Toronto & GTA Area 

Getting a specialist when it comes to Boiler Repair, Installation and Maintenance services can be a hassle.  Having someone in Local in Toronto & GTA makes boiler repair times faster and more convenient when you are left with no heat or no hot water. We offer boiler repair services all year around. Call us Now!

Gas Boiler Installation can be a hassle, we want to ensure a breakdown of our boiler services in Toronto and offer transparency, that’s why we offer the following:

We Offer Boiler Installation in Toronto & GTA Area

We have expertise in providing gas boiler installation in Toronto & GTA area. Please simply make an appointment with us to have our gas boiler technicians so we can provide you a free home boiler replacement estimates. 

We’re fully licensed and certified to remove all types of boilers and replace them with new high-efficiency boilers and energy-efficient boilers. Our new boiler installation services are done by a licensed HVAC technician and we guarantee 100% satisfaction.

New Home Boiler Installation - 5 steps 

  1. Book your free Boiler in-home estimate
  2. Choose the boiler fitting for your home
  3. Pick a convenient installation date
  4. Our certified gas technician comes and completes the installation
  5. Boiler installation post-inspection, done by our senior licensed boiler technician 

What Types of Boilers Do We Install & Service?

Unfortunately, the process of getting a new boiler can get confusing given the types that are available in Toronto, we make the process easy by providing 2 amazing choices available in the market that are chosen all over Toronto.

  1. Conventional Gas Boilers
  2. Combination Boilers

How Much Does a New High-Efficiency Gas Boiler Replacement Cost?

Boiler installation cost is typically more expensive in comparison to forced-air systems. The cost of a boiler installation depends on several factors. In Toronto and the GTA, the cost of removal and replacement of an existing residential boiler system can range from $5,000 to $15,000. Note that commercial boiler applications for the low rise or high rise buildings or office spaces can cost more due to the complexity of the installation. Call us for a free Hot Water Boiler Quote

What Are The Contributing Factors in Determining a Boiler Replacement Costs? 

We offer financing for hot water boilers systems. Please simply book a free in-home boiler consultation first. To book an appointment, contact our office to schedule an appointment. Call us now for a FREE Quote

Top 5 Boiler Maintenance Checklist & Service Tips

  1. Vacuum The Radiators: Our boiler technicians vacuum the dirt, dust and small particles. This will increase the efficiency of the unit.
  2. Hot Water Pipe Insulation: You can reduce boilers heat loss by insulating the pipes coming out from your boiler. This will enhance your boiler efficiency to heat up the house and hot water.
  3. Radiator Air Trap Adjustment: Air bubbles could be a cause of system failures in the coldest months of the year. It is recommended to get rid of all the air traps in your radiators and boiler plumbing system to ensure the system can distribute hot water at the maximum efficiency.
  4. Expansion Tank Safety Checks: The water levels in the expansion tank are important measures to check to ensure the safety of the unit and preventing it from building up too much pressure within your boiler system.
  5. Check for carbon monoxide leaks and secure pipes and sealing to ensure there are no leaks around the boiler heat exchanger and piping

Top 10 Best Gas Boiler Brands In Toronto & GTA 

  1. Navien Condensing Gas Boilers NCB-E & NFC Series
  2. Rheem Professional Prestige Gas Boiler (RCBH180DVLP, RCBH180DVLN, RCBH199DVLP, RCBH199DVLN, RCBH180DVLP)
  3. Lennox (GWB8-E Boiler, GWB9-IH Boiler, GWM-IE Boiler, GWB8-IE Boiler, COWB3 Boiler, GSB8-E Boiler)
  4. Slant-fin (Sentry, Sentinel, Galaxy GG, Galaxy GX, Victory VSPH, Victory VHS, Lynx Combi, Jaguar)
  5. Weil-Mclain (GV90+, CGI Gas Boiler Series 3, EG Gas Boiler, CGT Gas Boiler, Ultra S4 Gas Boiler)
  6. Vaillant ecoTEC Plus Combi
  7. Buderus Boilers (gb142)
  8. Viessmann (Vitodens 100-W, Vitodens 200-W, Vitodens 222-F, Vitocrossal 300 CU3A
  9. Bosch (Worcester Bosch Greenstar, Worcester Bosch Greenstar CDi Classic)
  10. IBC (HC Series, SL 10-85 G3 )

Natural Gas Boiler Safety & Annual Maintenance

Natural Gas Boilers are complex heating & hot water systems. These units are amongst the most efficient heating HVAC systems. Hence they require regular maintenance to ensure safe performance throughout the year. our licensed boiler technicians can provide annual boiler safety checks on all types and model boilers.

You can book your appointment online or by calling (877) 749 7990.


Boiler Financing Options For Home Owners

Home Trade Standards is pleased to offer our customers financing options to homeowners who seek to use our HVAC services. We understand that boiler replacement can be an expensive project. That is why we are proud to offer flexible HVAC financing options to our clients in Toronto & GTA. Our financing program is fast, simple and secure. We do have high approval rates with flexible repayment plans.

Affordable monthly payments – with automated bank withdrawals to help reduce stress

Home Trade Standards Is Serving Greater Toronto Area including:

Markham, North York, Unionville, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Woodbridge, Etobicoke, East York, York, Leaside, High Park, Bayview Village, Forest Hill, Briar Hill, Rosedale, Bloor West Village, Annex, Beaches, Danforth, Leslieville, Liberty Village, Markland Wood, Parkdale, Willowdale, Mimico, Don Mills, Liberty Village, Concord, Rexdale and the surrounding areas.

Looking for a local HVAC technician to inspect your gas boiler? Schedule a service call with one of our local HVAC technicians.  To set up an appointment. You can give us a call at 877-779-7990 or schedule an appointment online. 

Home Trade Standards

Diagnostic Deposit Fee  $120.00 plus HST*
*Its a fee thats payable prior to an appointment to secure your booking time & date which will then get adjusted to your overall cost of service. Please note
that this fee is subject to change as per your prorperty address.  

For each additional hour  $120.00 plus HST

Simple, Fast & Reliable Service

All Home Trade Standards Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) technicians are TSSA certified and should be used exclusively for heating, cooling and hot water in a home. Parts, if needed, are extra and will be quoted by our Professionals.

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