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Buy Your Air Conditioner System Online - Prices Include The Unit & Installation

At Home Trade Standards we carry a variety of residential air conditioners types, mainly central air, ductless systems and heat pumps. You can select your preferred product(s) from Shop Now. We will install the order at your property as early as 24 hours. To learn more, please visit how it works.

How Do Central Air Conditioners Operate?

How do central air conditioners operate?

How Do I Buy The Right Air Conditioning System For My Home?

To get an effective scope on what you need for your home, we recommend obtaining the accurate square footage of your house; then to proceed to our Size Calculator to determine the exact size you will need. We recommend getting an exact size due to the fact that undersized units run the risk of higher energy bills due to overworking and combating heat loss. Oversized units can make winter happen all over in your home again- and maybe outside as well with high costs.

Make sure you select the right size for your Air Conditioner before purchase! 

Home Trade Standards Offers Three Types of Air Conditioning Systems

  1. Heat Pump Systems
  2. Ductless Air Conditioners
  3. Central Air Conditioning Systems


All three systems use cooling refrigerant to transfer the heat inside your home and pump it outside. Hence, from a cooling perspective, all three systems use a similar operation method. Be mindful however, all 3 systems have restrictions when it comes to doing a professional installation.


A heat pump can provide heating and cooling in winter and summer but a central air conditioner or ductless system only provides cooling. Central air conditioning cools the entire house but ductless units only cool one room. To avoid any surprises and unwanted costs, we highly recommend arranging an in house or telephone assessment to go through a complete checklist with one of our air conditioning experts. They will be able to advise on the best location to install your unit inside and outside.

Common Factors Contributing To The Cost of Central Air & Ductless Heat Pump

Air Conditioning Brands in HVAC are much like the car industry. There are a number of factors that impact the price when you’re shopping around for new air conditioners. You should consider efficiency SEER, energy savings, size or TON, maintenance costs, warranty, installation difficulty level and contractor distance from you.

Meth: Best price does not represent the best quote.

If you call three different HVAC contractors in Toronto and ask for a quote, you will receive three different pricing from each individual contractor. Sometimes you may see a drastic difference between quotes. Make sure to consider all the metrics mentioned above when you are evaluating quotations. The point is just because a quote is cheaper than another, doesn’t speak on the value and scope of work being presented and follow troughed on.

Here at Home Trade Standards, we know the prices for units and material and labour costs. Our online Air Conditioner showroom allows you to go through a seamless process to buy an air conditioner system online with the guaranteed peace of mind. We can perform installations as early as 24 hours. There is no middle man involved. We are an established company who provide local HVAC services online. We believe in an excellent level of service, with all of our equipment being registered with the manufacturer’s warranty.

10 Most Trusted Air Conditioning Brands

  1. Lennox (Merit Series - Elite Series - Dave Lennox Signature)
  2. YORK (Affinity Series - LX Series)
  3. Armstrong Air (4SCU20LX -4SCU16LS - 4SCU16LE - 4SCU14LB - 4SC13LE - 4SCU13LB)
  4. Amana (ANX - ASX - AVX)
  5. Bryant (Evolution Series - Legacy Line - Preferred Series)
  6. Goodman (GSX13 - GSX14 - GSX16 - GSX18)
  7. Carrier (Comfort Series - Performance Series -Infinity Series)
  8. Trane (XR13 -XR14 - XR16 -XR17 -XL18 -XV18 - XV20)
  9. Rheem (Classis Series - Classic Plus Series - Prestige Series)
  10. Nepolean (13 SEER - 14 SEER - 16 SEER)

Get The Benefits Of ENERGY STAR Rated Heating & Cooling Appliances

ENERGY STAR appliances have a representation of an up to 50% median energy performance score. With heating units, minimum energy is expended to complete every task. As such, you reduce monthly energy bills and save substantial money over the year, while lowering your carbon footprint.

The “SEER” Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, which measures the efficiency over the entire summer season. The higher the seer; the more efficient the unit. Residential units are usually rated using this technique. Air conditioner seer ranges from 13 to 19 SEER. 

We Offer Trade-In Rebates on Featured Air Conditioners!

Like many comfort-driven Canadians; we realize the value of air conditioning when it's gone. Its value is presented in its absence on the hottest days of the year. We encourage homeowners to avoid experiencing this, as things may get humid! As a result, we prescribe getting the right air conditioner for your home's needs before something goes wrong. Eager to learn how to choose the right unit for your home? Our energy consultants can help you weigh your options here.

Avoid Heating Mishaps With Scheduled Maintenance

Home Trade Standards provides homeowners with comprehensive maintenance to keep heating and cooling equipment working smoothly from season to season. With pre-scheduled maintenance, you’ll avoid mechanical problems and maintain comfort.

With our Cooling Maintenance Plans, our technicians will get to you quickly, with 24/7 services available, and an upfront scope of work determination with the prevention of over-time fees. Our service maintenance will troubleshoot potential problems and ensure optimal performance for your furnace.

Let Home Trade Financial, Finance your new Project. Home Improvement Financing programs are available for all new purchases.

Our financing procedure is seamless, simple and secure.

Need An In-Home Residential Air Conditioner Quote in Toronto? Contact us here.

Are you looking to replace your furnace or air conditioner? Follow 6 Easy Steps to buy your next HVAC appliance online!


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