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Home Insulation Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

For home insulation, homeowners throughout the Greater Toronto Area can rely on Home Trade Standards for quality products and quality installations. Our professional team offers residential retrofitting, as well as installation for residential new construction.

We always install top-of-the-line products, offering customers fibreglass batt insulation, spray foam insulation, or blown-in insulation (cellulose or fibreglass). We install in the basement, the attic, and exterior walls – and all projects are quality guaranteed.

For some homeowners, a DIY (do-it-yourself) approach to home insulation may be attractive in an effort to save money. The truth is, home insulation is best left to the experts. At Home Trade Standards, licensed installers manage the installation end to end.

With a professional approach to home insulation, there's much more to the job than just adding new material. A complete job will include the installation of an effective air barrier, an effective vapour barrier, and provisions for appropriate air ventilation.

If you’re installing home insulation in 2019, you're eligible for various rebates and incentives that are designed to offset your costs. For attic insulation, basement insulation, and even exterior wall insulation, you could qualify for very valuable cash incentives.

Home Insulation - Canadian winters have a tendency to get extremely cold & in some cases uninhabitable. We also have some summer days that prove cruel with heat waves. For all properties within' Canada; Insulation deems mandatory as without it; heating & air-conditioning escapes all structures (Residential & Commercial). Insulation is a cost-effective way to keep your home warm in the winter & cold in the summer measured based on the flow of heat/cold air throughout spaces.

In the average uninsulated home in the winter months, 25% of heat is lost through attic & roofing, 35% of heat is lost through walls and the remaining 40% is lost through doors, windows and flooring. Contributing factors to the loss of heat include the Wind effect, Stack effect, Combustion & Ventilation effect & Seasonal Extremities (not factored within' percentages).

Throughout the summer in an uninsulated home, Air Conditioning may require more than double the energy (subject to temperature) to provide the same ratio as a moderate space fan. This may result in a drastic increase in Hydro bills based on the unit working overtime and twice as frequently to provide a moderate temperature.

Air leakage is very common for homes not properly insulated, our goal throughout the rigid winter months & heat provoked summer days is to help you trap it, while circulating it with quality Insulation that measures accordingly to your home.

Installation is included in all services provided by Home Trade Standards Ltd. by 1-2 of our reputable professional Licensed Technicians. Our technicians guarantee is a clean, well time-managed, pre-qualified installation.       

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