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Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Services For Low Rise Apartment & High Rise Condominiums

Home Trade Standards is a Trusted Building HVAC Company Offering In-Suite Heating, Air Conditioning & Ventilation Services in Toronto & GTA Area.

Our Services Are Used by Condo Board, Property Managers, Superintendents, Landlords & Tenants. Our HVAC Experts Provide The Following HVAC Services in High Rise & Low Rise Buildings:

Heating & Air Conditioning Services For Low Rise Apartments

We Are Licensed & Bonded To Service In-Suite HVAC Systems In:

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Low Rise & High Rise HVAC Systems

HVAC Services For Toronto High Rise Condo

Fan Coil Systems are the most commonly used HVAC units in both low rise and high rise apartments in Toronto & GTA Area. . These systems come in horizontal and vertical units. They are centrally controlled by the building management. This means that you can not switch from heating to cooling in some months of the year unless the Building Central HVAC system manually switches from heating to air conditioning or vice versa. 

Condo Heat Pumps aka Water Source Heat Pumps are made in both horizontal and vertical models. In Toronto & GTA Area, we often see vertical heat pumps in residential high rise condominium suites. Normally commercial condo high-rise buildings use horizontal water source heat pumps due to space limitation in offices. Heat Pumps systems are capable of switching from heating to cooling or air conditioning to heating all year round controlled by an in-suite thermostat. 

Magic Pak Systems are Package HVAC Units aka as Condo Pack. They are built-in electrical and gas models. Gas and electric Magic Pak Systems allow year-round in-suite heating and cooling capability for more comfort in residential properties. These systems are often found in condos and high rise buildings. The most commonly Used Magic Pak Systems are HWC gas models.

PTAC Units or Hotel Style Air Conditioning Systems are also package units that provide heating and air conditioning options all year-round. These systems mostly use the auxiliary electric system for heating and heat pumps for air conditioning. Some PTAC units in Toronto Condominium use natural gas for heating. 

High-Velocity Air Handler Systems consisted of two components. The Condenser (Outdoor Unit) is normally located on the balcony or rooftop. The Air Handler (Inside Unit) is located inside your suite apartment. 

Ductless Heat Pump or Air Conditioning Mini-Split Systems Are great additional HVAC Systems that can be added in a high rise or low rise buildings with no pre-existing Central Air Conditioning Units. 

Heating & Air Conditioning For Condos & Apartments

To get the best out of your Condo Heating & Air Conditioning System, make sure you get it regularly maintained. Regular condo HVAC maintenance not only ensures your system and units last longer Here are the 7 Common Condo Heating & Air Conditioning Problems

  1. HVAC System Blowing No Heating or No Cooling
  2. Unusual Rattling Noises 
  3. Poor Indoor Air Quality or Insufficient Airflow
  4. Thermostat Glitches Not Reaching the Desired Temperature
  5. Condensation Issue & Flooding
  6. Lack of Proper Maintenance
  7. Mould Issues

If you are experiencing any of these issues with your condo heating unit, give us a call. Our licensed condo heating technicians can help you. 




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