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Water Is A New Fire!

Yes, that what the insurance companies are noticing based on the number of water claim damages submitted in recent years. A property owner may fail to see that but you are 12 times more likely to have a water damage claim than a fire, and three times more likely to have a water issue than a theft.

The risk of physical damage and loss of valuable property can be irreplaceable in areas, smart leak detection systems can be the difference between a minor cleanup and a major catastrophe.

In office buildings & condos, property owners can use this technology in various key location throughout the building. Here are some examples:

Our leak detection solutions monitor your usage 24/7 and provide data and insights into water consumption. Whether you manage a large portfolio, a single building, or are a homeowner yourself, Eddy has you covered with real-time protection and shutoffs to protect against your biggest risk. We also have a 24 hours call center to ensure your property is protected at all times.

What are the main advantages of leak detection systems for commercial buildings, residential homes & condos?

The benefits of smart leak detection systems are endless as they lessen the risk of damage and physical loss. Leak detection technology is designed for all type of buildings from house, cottage, condos, office towers and townhomes where water leakage is a serious possibility.

5 Advantages of Water Monitoring systems in residential and commercial buildings. Residential Leak Detection System

Simply put, a water leak detection system monitors water pressure throughout your home, along with other water-related conditions. Insurance claims for water damage are very high these days, and unfortunately, very few insurance policies cover water damage.

Our system doesn’t just inform, it acts to mitigate water damage in real time. If you have any related worries, investing in a detection system is a smart choice.

Control Your Water Damage Risk

Water insurance claim damage in 2018.

Smart Leak Detection Systems From Home Trade Standards

From freezing plumbing pipes to power outages, smart leak detection systems allow for immediacy in taking action, as well as the ability to shut off the water remotely. This can effectively prevent ongoing flooding and avoid significant physical damages.

Home Trade Standards offers you the best smart leak detection systems on the market. Whether you’re a residential homeowner or commercial building owner, there’s a system for you. Choose from our Water Leak Detection Bundle or our Water Flow Detection Bundle, both from brand-name manufacturers, and both designed to suit your needs.

This is an intelligent water monitoring system that measures your home’s water usage and related conditions. The moment a problem is detected, you are notified by text or email. You can also use your custom dashboard to review water usage and consumption. You can also compare water consumption (and costs) on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Choosing Home Trade Standards For Smart Leak Detection Systems

Home Trade Standards is much different than other companies – we are Canada’s leading online retailer for leak detection systems, heating and cooling systems, and hot water heaters. Our website offers a convenient method for shopping, ordering, and installation or services.

Whether it’s residential or commercial, Home Trade Standards can offer a wide range of leak detection solutions to tailor your need. We also provide installation services, along with 24/7 maintenance where required. We make every effort to provide you with the very best product performance.

Our residential & Commercial experts can help build the right custom water monitoring solution for your house and business remotely. You will significantly reduce unwanted water damage for cottages, vacation properties, condos, office and older homes. Having this preventative measure can increase your peace of mind on avoiding water damage. We provide free assessment and consultation at your property.

Did you know that Home Insurance Companies offer up to 25% in Home Insurance discounts when you purchase a smart water monitoring system? To Learn More, Contact Us Here.

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