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Boiler heating systems are known as one of the most efficient, economical and clean sources of heat among all the residential heating systems. Residential Boilers usually use natural gas or oil to heat the fluid water through pipes and then distribute hot steam or hot water throughout the house via radiators or in-floor heating loops. Boilers are also capable of providing domestic hot water throughout the house for everyday use.

How does an in-floor heating system work?

In-floor heating is an underfloor heating system that heats wiring beneath the floor to generate heat. This invisible heat is an excellent application to heat the basement or even in bathrooms floors. You can keep each space of your home heated independently. Customized zoning can be added to increase more comfort. Hot tubing continuously delivers heat to keep your feet warm all the time!

We service and install all manufactures of in-floor heating systems. Ask us about snow melting services before the installation of the asphalt or concrete. With embedded sensors and proper installation, we can run hot water through hot plastic tubing to melt the snow and ice in Winter season.

Boilers are one of the most efficient heating systems!

Boilers can have an efficiency rating as high as 98.5% AFUE or annual fuel utilization efficiency. Boiler installation is typically more expensive to install and maintain, but they last longer than gas or electric furnace. An average boiler lifespan is 15 to 25 years.

Boilers heating systems offer a variety of application for residential and business. Boilers can be used for a residential heat source, homes snowmelt driveways, spa and pools and more. Combi boilers provide 2 in one device. They are heating and hot water system in one unit. This unit is very efficient and can lower your utility bills on a monthly basis. You also save a lot of space eliminating the need for big conventional water tanks.

At Home Trade Standards, we only assign boiler experts to install or service boilers for our clients. Our mission to deliver professional service at your house. We offer full inspection and repair services to ensure you avoid no heat or no hot water situations.

Looking to buy a new boiler?

If you are in the market to purchase or shop around for new boilers, then you are in good hands. Our service advisors can assist you in selecting the right unit for your need. We have a great connection with most HVAC suppliers in Ontario. Our approach creates extra flexibility for our clients to choose the right equipment from the full range of selection on our online showroom. Please go to "Shop Now" and select boilers to see your choices before purchase.

Home Trade Standards offers installation & repair services for:

  1. Rinnai Boiler Installation & Repair Services
  2. Viessmann Boiler Installation & Repair Services
  3. Weil-McLain Boiler Installation & Repair Services
  4. Bosch Boiler Installation & Repair Services
  5. Navien Boiler Installation & Repair Services

Need more Information on our High-Efficiency Regular Boilers, and Combi-Boilers? Contact us here.

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