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Water Heater & Tankless Rental Rates In 2022 – Toronto & GTA

At Home Trade Standards we carry a variety of water heaters types, mainly gas and electric. You can select your preferred product(s) from Shop Now. We will install the order at your property as early as 24 hours. To learn more, please visit how it works.

Conventional Vent40 Gallon (152L)$19.99 
Conventional Vent50 Gallon (190L)$24.99
Conventional Vent60 Gallon (227L)$29.99
Electric40 Gallon (152L)$19.99
Electric60 Gallon (227L)$24.99
Power Vent or PV40 Gallon (152L)$19.99
Power Vent or PV50 Gallon (190L)$24.99
Power Vent or PV60 Gallon (227L)$29.99
Power Vent or PV75 Gallon (341L)$39.99
Direct Power Vent50 Gallon (190L)$29.99
Low-Input Vent40 Gallon (152L)$22.99

What Are The Most Common Type of Hot Water Heaters?

Water heaters are primary sources of hot water throughout your home, through a transfer of heat process which is why we make it our priority to ensure that it doesn’t run out. It may become overwhelming differing between a gas or electric water heater- tank or tankless- power vented or conventionally vented, which is why Home Trade Standards provides you with an outline before making your decision.

Traditional Gas Water Heaters 

Traditional gas water heaters are very common throughout Canada, as they’re the primary source of power is natural gas, these water heaters use a burner to heat the water in the tank. The difference between Conventionally Vented water heaters and Power Vented water heaters lies in the venting. Power Vented units may require more power and thus may be more expensive but will have more power aimed toward heating the water in your tank. Alternatively; Conventionally Vented water heaters provide security on the amount of power you are able to gage, however, you may have to work harder to heat your water. These hot water tanks may take 10-15 minutes to refill once they run out of hot water. Both units are available in 40 to 60 Gallon, take a look at our selection.

Electric Water Heater 

Electric Water Heater, the main distinction between a traditional water heater one is its energy source being electricity, it usually requires a certain volt pre-requisite to run as well as a licensed electrician from the Home Trade Team to install up to code. Should your homes’ main source of power is electricity, then an electric water heater may be your primary source of hot water provider.

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All About Tankless Water Heaters

Home Trade Standards are the leaders in tankless water heater installations and services in Toronto & GTA area. Today, you can access hot water on demand with the right water heater. As this is where our specialty resides; we can provide you with a quotation for reliable brands of tankless water heaters and can recommend a unit for your needs when you need to upgrade. Navien Tankless water heaters are our best seller of 2018. However, we can still provide installation services for Rheem, Nortiz and Bosch upon your request.


Raising Trends In Tankless Water Heaters

According to experts, homes that use more than 40 gallons (150 litres) of hot water daily can benefit from a tankless water heater. Depending on the age of your home systems and hot water consumption, the tankless water heater option can be up to 35% more energy-efficient than traditional water heater tanks.

Whether you’re having a shower, doing your laundry, or doing the dishes, you need a reliable source of hot water. At Home Trade Standards, we thoroughly weigh your options and explain how a tankless water heater works at their peak to enhance your heated water experience, we additionally clarify the differences between traditional tanks and tankless’. Tankless Water Heaters set new criteria for Homeowners when it comes to hot water, which is obtaining it all the time, no shortcomings or waiting until water is heated. Tankless Water Heaters do not produce any greenhouse gases; which in fact categorizes it under a “Green Home” blanket under Ontario. This qualifies the unit for existing rebates as well as future/potential prospects in resale value.

Installation is included in all services provided by Home Trade Standards Ltd. by 1-2 of our reputable professional Licensed Technicians. We guarantee clean, well time-managed, pre-qualified installation.

  • An endless flow of hot water synchronizing with your usage. With self-modulation technology, Tankless’ include sensors that sense the flow of water to a minimum/maximum activation rate, they work at minimal efficiency when the sensor is required at a less demand adjusting to your usage.
  • An energy-efficient option can dramatically reduce utility costs. Sensors in tankless water heaters result in a dramatic decrease in hydro bills as traditional water heaters are constantly working and require manual shut down for uncharted consumption.
  • Compact size that can cut your space utilized in your basement in half. Traditional tanks can take up almost twice as much space. Tankless Water Heaters measure on average 17” by 10”.
  • Environmentally friendly operation (ENERGY STAR®). Tankless Water Heaters do not produce any greenhouse gases; which in fact categorizes it under a “Green Home” blanket under Ontario. This qualifies the unit for existing rebates as well as future/potential prospects in resale value.

ENERGY STAR water heaters can dramatically decrease your hydro bill due to the lack of wait time for the water to heat up. Our tanks take up far less space in the basement and can be wall-mounted for a cleaner more space-saving approach.

With an ENERGY STAR® certified water heaters, you’re eligible for various home energy rebates that will offset the total cost. With Home Trade Standards, one of our expert professional licensed technicians will provide an installation that is clean, well managed, and guaranteed to be reliable throughout its life-span.

After assessing your personal needs, we can help you to choose an affordable water heater that fits your lifestyle & budget.

Four Signs Of Water Heater Replacement

Choosing the right water heater can be an easy decision when you are looking at right direction; the average life expectancy of regular hot water tanks is about 12 years, although some tanks may last longer (and some may not). As a first step, it’s wise to check the age of your water heater – this is visible on the rating plate or sticker right on your tank. If that’s problematic you can also view the manufacturer’s website or contact your utility provider directly.

If your water heater is quite old, you may have noticed some signs and symptoms of a tank that’s failing. These should be considered as warning signs, and a good time to switch.

  1. A conventional (minor or major) water leak coming from the tank
  2. Cloudy or more sedimented water coming from your taps
  3. Rusty water leaking from the water tank/piping
  4. Rumbling sounds coming from inside the heater

These are all signs you do not want to ignore within the life spanned maintenance on your water heater.

5 Most Trusted Water Heater Systems Across Ontario

Being experts in water heater installations; our trusted brands are reputable, reliable & provide hot water efficiently.

  1. Navien Tankless Water Heater
  2. Rheem Water Heater
  3. Giant Water Heater
  4. Bradford White
  5. AO Smith

Should You Purchase or Rent Your Tankless Water Heater?

For homeowners who are still renting their hot water heater, it may be time to consider owning it. At Home Trade Standards, we can show you the difference between financing, renting and purchasing, and we can illustrate the savings with owning over the lifespan of a new tankless water heater. Not convinced? Still, thinking about options? Please ask us about rent to own program.

Enbridge Water Heater Rebate Program In 2021

Enbridge offers a water heater rebate program for homeowners who are planning to upgrade their existing inefficient water heater to a Tankless water heater. To get qualified, you must bundle at least 2 energy-saving upgrades in your home. 

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