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Make Your Home As Smart As You Are!

Smart Home Automation systems provides a simple integration to your home, allowing you to control various devices in your home directly from a smart device. With smart home automation systems, you can control such things as lights, thermostats, appliances, electric outlets, and heating/cooling systems. The design behind this is that all of the programmable devices constitute a remotely controlled network.

How Smart Home Automation Products Protect You While Making Your Life Easier

For home security, smart home automation is ideal and can become a key component in your safety- from your home alarm system, smoke detectors, door locks, and surveillance cameras. When investing in Smart Home automation, you are creating a link throughout your devices that begin working together as a central hub. What's important is that devices and appliances can be programmed and scheduled to your routine, particularly if you have home energy priorities in mind. Overall control of heating, cooling, video monitoring and lighting can make a huge difference in feeling secure.

Smart home automation systems can improve your need for security when your away from home. If you're interested in remote monitoring, you can check on your home security system alongside having specified units recording your visitors or trespassers for up to a concluded period of time, while some products also include face recognition to ensure those recurring visitors are saved face. With Smart Home integrated cameras installed, you can actually have real-time video to view and communicate with. The applications are unlimited with a synchronized setup.

All About the Smart Home Automation Products We Offer

Today, as manufacturers create more and more smart home automation systems, there is also a proliferation of smart devices and appliances. For homeowners, the possibilities are endless, and limited only by improved WIFI connectivity and speed. At Home Trade Standards, smart home automation systems are available in many forms - and from the best, most trusted brands on the market.

Nest Products

Ecobee Products

Switching to a Smarter Home

In comparison to older thermostats that may be more difficult to work around programming, Smart Home devices can create a sense of reliability throughout your home comfort patterns. Getting the process started on creating your home into a smart one can be done overtime, and can be done at affordable rates.

Home Trade Standards offers Top of the Line Smart Home Integrations!

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