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Buy Your Water Filtration System Online - Prices Include The Unit & Installation

At Home Trade Standards we carry a variety of Water treatment and filtration systems. You can select your preferred product(s) from Shop Now. We will install your order at your property as early as 24 hours. To learn more, please visit how it works.

Water Filtration Amplifies Healthy Habits!

Clean drinking water is simply an essential ingredient for life. Filling your body with clean, pure water needs to be a daily occurrence and can improve your overall health. Water purification is probably one of the easiest ways to improve your everyday life and everyone around you, with the right purification system you can remove undesirable matter and contaminants from your water.

How do I know if I need Water Filtration for my Home?

When deciding on water filtration; we recommend our clients to go through water testing process to see and obtain a report on what may or may not be lurking in your water. Most of the time this is completed by determining the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) rating of your water by obtaining a sample. TDS Ratings measure the comprised inorganic matter and a small amount of organic matter dissolved in your water, this can include (not limited to) traces of sewage, chemicals that may dissolve in your water (chlorine), and water treatment plants sediments.

If you feel it mandatory to purchase bottled water, big jugs of distilled water or in fridge water filtration pitchers, we recommend getting your homes tap water tested.

What Steps Can I Make Toward Cleaner Water?

A high-quality water filtration system guarantees the cleanest quality of water– for drinking, for cooking, and for showers. Depending on your needs, Home Trade Standards offers a selection of water filtration systems, each with unique features, benefits, and functionality. We can recommend the best overall option. Water affects every aspect of your home life, it’s important to identify the signs that would necessitate needing a water filtration system. Investing in clean water becomes apart of your daily lifestyle, There are two things two consider before purchasing a new water purification system:

1. Seven Alerts To Recognize Before Using Your Home Tap Water

  1. if your water has an odour, something is not right
  2. if your water is bitter or salty, it should be tested
  3. if your water is cloudy, it could be contaminated
  4. if your water is staining your clothes, call us
  5. if you have hard water, it may be time to convert
  6. if your water is “oily”, this needs to be remedied
  7. if your water is sandy, it needs to be addressed

2. Understanding Different Types of Water Treatment Systems

Home Trade Standards Carries Top Of the Line Water Filtration Brands

We want to ensure that your water has no limitations to how clean it can be, which is why we carry top of the line brands to secure the reliability on your water have little to no contaminants. Our trusted brands include:

Need an In-Home Water Assessment in the GTA to test your Water Quality? Contact us here.

Buy Your Water Filtration System Online. Prices Include The Unit & Installation.

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