5 Steps for Winterizing Your Toronto Condo

For Toronto condo owners, somehow winter seems to catch us by surprise every year. The summers here are great. Glorious, even, enjoying the urban condo lifestyle in this great city of ours. Soon enough, however, fall is upon us once again, and winter isn’t that far off the horizon. Many people who buy a condo in Toronto…
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Condo Fan Coil Mould Growth Provokes More Challenges For Toronto Property Managers

A Delicate Issue Between Property Managers, Condo Corporations, Board Members, Homeowners, Tenants, Real Estate Agents & Potential Future Buyers Fan Coil Units are one of the most commonly installed Heating, Air Conditioning & Ventilation Systems in Canadian high rise buildings. Cold Water is delivered through the coils from the central chiller & boiler (depending on the…
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