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Home Trade Standards provides Condominium Heat Pump Repair & Maintenance Services for condo owners and building managers in Toronto & GTA area. Condo Heat Pump Systems are not part of common heating & cooling elements in high-rise buildings. This means that it is the individual owner’s responsibility to arrange an Emergency Repair or Maintenance service call in case of a mechanical failure or sudden breakdown. If you are experiencing a problem with your Condo Heat Pump Air Conditioning or Heating system, then you have come to the right place.

We have a designated Technical Support & Test Centre for Troubleshooting All Types of Vertical and Horizontal Heat Pump Systems in Condominiums & Commercial High Rise Buildings. 

Home Trade Standards Offers 1 Year Part & Labour Guarantees on All Condominium Heat Pump Repair, Installation & Replacement Services. Contact Us Today!

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  • Condo Heat Pump System Inspection & Report
  • Water Source Heat Pump Repair Services
  • Condo Heat Pump Annual Maintenance
  • Condo Heat Pump Retrofit & Upgrade
  • Condo Heat Pump Installation & Replacement
  • Condo Heat Pump Noise Problem
  • Condo Heat Pump Thermostat Malfunction
  • Horizontal Ceiling Mount Heat Pump Sales & Service
  • To Get a Quote For OMEGA, Whalen, Daikin or Johnson Control Heat Pump
  • Condo Heat Pump Control Board Flashing Red Light
  • Condo Heat Pump Refurbishment
  • Condo Heat Pump Costs & Solutions

Condo Heat Pump Installation, Replacement & Retrofit Services

Condo Heat Pump System in Toronto

Home Trade Standards offers High Rise Condominium Heat Pump Installation, Replacement & Retrofit Services in Toronto & GTA area. OMEGA & WHALEN Heat Pump Systems are the most common water source heat pump HVAC manufacturers in high-rise condominium suites. We offer complete heating & air conditioning replacement solutions for WHALEN & OMEGA Heat Pump Systems in Condo Buildings.

If you are currently dealing with an old or broken Heat Pump System in your condo, simply call us today to get a replacement quotation. All of our new heat pump installations come with 1 Year Part & Labour as well as 5 Year Compressor Warranty.

Here are the Top 10 major Water Source Heat Pump Manufacturers we provide repair, maintenance & installation services:

  • Whalen (Vertical Heat Pump)
  • Omega (Vertical Heat Pump)
  • Innkeeper & SpaceKeeper Bulldog
  • Daikin (Water Source Heat Pump)
  • Carrier (Water Source Heat Pump)
  • ClimateMaster (Vertical & Horizontal Water Source Heat Pump)
  • MaQuay Water Source Heat Pump (Vertical & Horizontal)
  • Singer / McQuay
  • Skymark International
  • Johnson Control

Contact us today for your Whalen Heat Pump Replacement or Installation!

Water Source Heat Pump In Condos

Water Source Heat Pump Replacement In a Condo

Condominiums with in-suite heat pump heating and air conditioning systems utilize building water supply as a medium to keep the compressor protected from freezing or burning out during the winter and summer season. Hence, they are also known as “Water Source Heat Pump”.

Water Source Heat pump manufacturers come in different dimensions, designs, and specifications. Hence, we recommend hiring an expert to troubleshoot and inspect your unit prior to making any repair or replacement decision. Daikin, Climatemaster & Carrier are the most common water source heat pump systems in Toronto.

The Picture on the left side is showing a before and after water source heat pump installation in a Toronto Downtown Condominium. Home Trade Standards Team Successfully Replaced a 15-Year-old Climatemaster Heating & Air Conditioning Wate Source Heat Pump System. Besides upgraded design & higher efficiency, the main difference between older and newer water source heat pumps is the refrigerant used in these systems. The older Heat Pumps use R22 whereas the newer units use R410A refrigerants. Learn More about Condo Heat Pumps With R22 Refrigerants.

Annual Condo Heat Pump Maintenance

Annual Heat Pump Maintenance In Toronto

Condo Heat Pump Systems require annual maintenance to ensure proper & safe operation throughout each season. Regular Maintenance will prevent unwanted issues from happening. Due to Covid-19, some building property managements have decided to cancel or postpone their regular annual maintenance services to follow government health & safety policies. If you are dealing with no heating, no air conditioning, Water leaks or Condo HVAC Excessive Noise, your heat pump may be due for service.

Learn more in the Frequency Asked Questions (FAQ) About 5 Common Condo Heat Pump Heating & Air Conditioning Issues Reported By Our Clients In 2022. Our condo HVAC Technicians have working knowledge & experience to find the problem and offer the best possible solutions for your cause.

Condo Heat Pump Repair Services

Condo-Heat Pump-Systems-Toronto-Repair-HVAC
Condo-Heat Pump-Systems-Toronto-Repair-HVAC

Condo Heat Pumps may need emergency repair from time to time depending on your usage, lack of annual maintenance or wear & tear. Our experienced Condo HVAC technicians are trained to troubleshoot all makes and models of Condo Heat Pump Systems in High Rise Condo Units. Your in-Suite Heat Pump Unit consists of Four (4) important compartments: 1. Chassis (Mechanical) 2. Control Board (Eletrical) 3. Thermostat (Control) 4. Blower Fan Assembly (Air Flow). Therefore, when troubleshooting a heat pump system, our goal is to determine which of one or more of these (4) four parts require repair or replacement to get your heat or cool back to normal. The diagram above will illustrate all these components in detail.

Please also note that many heat pump systems can break down due to central building problems. Our Technicians will report back to the property manager if the problem is not relevant to your in-suite heat pump system.

OMEGA, Whalen, Johnson Control, Innkeeper, Skymark Authorized Repair Center

Home Trade Standards offers comprehensive services for All OMEGA, Whalen, Johnson Control & Skymark Heat Pump Systems. Not all the heat pump systems can be repaired at the customer’s apartment. We have a repair facility available for all major mechanical repairs. If your heat pump is currently diagnosed with a refrigerant leak, we can help you with all Leak Tests & Refurbishment of your existing heat pump chassis.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Heat Pump System In Toronto Condos

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Our Trusted Clients

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