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What Happens When You Receive a Red Tag From Enbridge or a Licensed Gas Technician? 

Red Tag Warnings can be issued by gas utility providers such as Enbridge or Licensed Gas Fitter Technicians upon inspecting an unsafe gas appliance that no longer safe to operate due to the chance of Carbon Monoxide Leaks or CO. These warnings are designed to ensure the health & safety of the residents in residential & commercial properties. These warnings come in 2 types depending on the severity of the issue. Type A and Type B. 

What To Do If You Have Received a Red Tag From Enbridge or a Licensed Gas Technician? 

Red Tag Type A Versus Red Tag Type B

Type A Red Tag is issued when your gas appliance is considered to be an immediate hazard. Enbridge or Gas technician who issues the red tag is responsible to notify the gas company right away to shut the natural gas at your property.

Type B Red Tag is issued when your gas appliance is not required immediate repair. In this case, you will get 30 days from the date on the warning to complete the safety recommendation otherwise, the utility company or Enbridge Gas in Toronto can legally shut off your gas until your complete the instructed repair by natural gas code. 

In both cases, the homeowner is required to provide proof of repair or fix the issue prior to the deadline to avoid further penalties. 

What to do When You Receive Red Tag Type A?

There are two options when you receive Red Tag Type A:

  1. Repair: You're allowed to hire a licensed gas technician of your choice to repair your unit. Make sure your HVAC contractor reviews the red tag warning to ensure he is following the instructed safety recommendation in the warning according to natural gas safety codes. 
  2. Replacement: You also have the option to replace the faulty gas appliance with a brand new unit if repair is not feasible. 

Once the repair or installation is completed, the certified gas technician can notify Enbridge regarding the changes done in the gas appliance. Red Tag Clearance is normally done by the HVAC Service Company after the appliance is fixed and ready to be used again. 

What to do when you receive Red Tag Type B?

Red Tag Type B usually happens to gas appliances due to improper installation (example: Venting Issues. Colour Code & etc.). Red Tag Type B is also issued due to outdated installation codes. For example, a furnace that is installed 10 years ago may not comply with all the natural gas installation codes today. Hence, you will get 42 days from the day of notice to resolve and correct this issue before it gets escalated. 

Has Your Water Heater Been Red Tagged?
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Can I fix Red Tag Type B By Myself?

Yes, some B Red Tag Warnings are simple to fix. However, it must be verified by a Certified TSSA Gas Technician or Endbidge Licensed Technicians.

Which Gas Appliances Can Get Red-Tagged?

Here is a list of gas appliances that can get Red Tagged Warning: 


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Why Natual Gas Leak Is Dangerous? 

  1. Natural gas can cause fire or explosion when they leak in a confined space such as a house or commercial property.
  2. CO also has no smell. It can cause fatal injury if the leak happens while the residents are asleep. 

What Are The Common Cause of Getting a Furnace Red Tag? 

Gas Appliances such as furnaces can deteriorate over time due to wear and tear. A Faulty Component inside a gas furnace can potentially cause danger to homeowners if it's not fixed and replaced in a timely manner. Hence, gas technicians are required by law to shut off your gas on occasions where immediate danger threatening the household. 

Gas Furnace Heat Exchanger Failure is the most common cause of getting type A "Immediate Hazard" Red Tag. Heat Exchanger often Cracks over time due to wear & tear. They can release carbon monoxide while operation.  This issue is mainly seen in older furnaces. Carbon Monoxide aka "Silent Killer" is an odourless & colourless gas and it can be distributed throughout your home and basement.

3 Signs of Damaged or Cracked Heat Exchanger In a Gas Furnace

How do I know if my furnace heat exchanger is cracked? Well, a damaged heat exchanger in a gas furnace is not a sign to be ignored. There are some early signs that you may notice before having a gas technician inspecting your unit. 

  1. Strange unpleasant Smells in the house. Contact your local gas company or a licensed gas technician immediately. 
  2. Corroded Components outside your furnace can be an early sign of an indication of a crack heat exchanger inside your furnace.
  3.  Flame appearance change such as a change in colour from blue to yellow can be a sign of crack heat exchanger

In Ontario, The Law Makes Carbon Monoxide Detectors Mandatory

As of October 2017 In Ontario, It is Mandatory for residential homeowners to Install Approved Carbon Monoxide Detectors near all bedrooms and mechanical rooms ( Boiler Room or Furnace Room). You are also required to Test the Alarm & Change the Battery Every Six Months. 

Toronto Red Tag Clearance Services - Home Trade Standards

Home Trade Standards provides Red Tag Clearance Services for commercial HVAC appliances & Residential Gas equipment in Toronto & GTA Area.

Simply call us at (416) 736-7001 to discuss your existing conditions and the reasons for the Red Tag Warning. We are licensed to provide Red Tag Removal Service once we review your Warning Tag. Ultimately, our Gas technician will review the technical aspects of the warning with you during the onsite visit and advise on you on possible HVAC repair and replacement solutions. 

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