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Are you ready to improve your condo indoor air quality? You’ve come to the right place. Home Trade Standards offers one stop shop for all your In-Suite Condo HVAC & Plumbing Renovation Company. Our process is completely dust free & seamless for residents live there. With many ears of experience, our team is ready to convert your home into an energy saving space. We offer transparent pricing & extended warranty in writing through email & phone to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Our service area is currently Greater Toronto Area or GTA. Every condo is unique & require to follow certain specifications to deliver optimal heating & air condoning services. Our company understand Ontario Condominium Building Code HVAC & Plumbing Requirements. All of our technicians are factory trained & licensed to work with Furnace & Air Conditioning systems in low rise & high rise environment. Home Trade Standards works with reputable HVAC suppliers & property managers for years. Our relationship allows us to create a seamless experience when it comes completing your task.

Condo HVAC Renovation – 5 Things To Know

Condo Bylaws & Insurance

Almost 95% of Toronto & GTA Condo Owners are individually responsible to look after Condo heating & air conditioning units. Just like most appliances in the condo such as fridge, Dryer or stove, you are also responsible for emergency repair or replacement of your existing Condo HVAC system. We do recommend to reach out to your building management to ensure about your condo bylaws. Our company offers 5,000,000 Liability Insurance & Bonding. Our clients are currently from Del Property Management, ICC, Crossbridge, Wilson Blanchard, Goldview, Integrity & many more. Upon project approval, our team will facilitate any job site coordination with your building manager in case other approvals are required.

Written Proposal & Contact

Our team will communicate all the project details via email. Our Proposals are done in writing to outline clarity of what is being delivered including construction timeline, date & time. If this is your investment property, we can communicate with your tenant to ensure the timing works with their schedule.

Water Shut Down, Pre-Inspections & Permits

In Toronto & GTA, contractors are permitted to do in-suite HVAC remodelling between Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 5:00 pm. HVAC & Plumbing renovation often required water shut down prior to starting your replacement project. Therefore, our customer service team typically schedule a 15 minutes pre-inspections at your condo to ensure water can be locally shut down via the in-suite shut off valves. If the valves are not safe to locally isolate the water, then we would contact your property manager to request for a permit to shut down the water via building common area elements.

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