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    Ontario is the most populous province in Canada, home to the cities of Toronto and Ottawa. By area, it covers about 1 million sq km, the second largest province. Over 14 million people live in Ontario, mostly in the southern half.

    Geographically, Ontario is bordered mainly by water. To the north, by James Bay and Hudson Bay. And on the south, various lakes and rivers along the US border. It borders 5 US states: New York, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. The land borders include Quebec and Manitoba, both Canadian provinces.

    Ontario is known to be an extremely diverse melting pot of citizens and visitors. The diverse population is a source of pride. About half of immigrants that arrive in Canada choose Ontarios. The cost of living is said to be high, but the incomes and wages as well tend to be higher than more rural areas of Canada.
    Ontario is referred to as having 3 main regions:

    • Over half of the land is the Greater Shield, a non-agricultural but mineral rich area of the northwestern and central region.
    • The Hudson Bay Lowlands are the furthest north and basically unpopulated swampish land.
    • Southern Ontario is the more populated region with cities and suburbs.

    Summers across the region may be cool and mild, with highs in the upper-mid 20s. however winter average temperatures vary greatly across Ontario north to south. Depending on the area, the range of low records is -7 to-26.

    High Park and the CN Tower, both in Toronto, are high points for visitors to the Ontario region.

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