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Commercial Rooftop HVAC Buying Guide In Toronto & GTA | 2024 Update

Commercial Rooftop HVAC Units are common heating & cooling systems used in commercial building establishments in Toronto & GTA area. Most Rooftop Unit manufacturer part warranties end after 10 years and a sudden breakdown can be costly after you pay for parts & labour. Imagine yourself in a building with no heat or cooling for a day or a few days. Your customers & employees will start to feel uncomfortable & frustrated using your space for business or pleasure. Also, remember the new rooftop heating & cooling systems are built more efficiently compared to older units 10 years ago.

Hence, we highly recommend to begin investigating your options now and not to put your business in danger of no heat or no cool when you see signs of multifunctionality from your unit.

Crane Permit & Street Closure During Rooftop Unit Installation

Due to traffic & pedestrian safety issues, you are required from time to time to apply for a permit prior to Rooftop HVAC Installation. Crane Companies are required by law to pull a street occupation permit if you are planning to temporarily occupy any portion of the public right of way during a construction project due to street lane & sidewalk closure. Hence, Commercial Rooftop Unit Replacements can take from 3 to 15 business days depending on how fast you can get your approval permit for crane operations.

Road closure by Toronto Police for rooftop unit replacement

How Much Does a Rooftop HVAC Unit Replacement Cost?

For Commercial Rooftop HVAC Installation Services such as for restaurants, hotels, offices & similar commercial properties, We highly recommended having a full onsite assessment first before proceeding with any quotation. An average rooftop unit replacement costs can range from $6,000 to $50,000. This amount will vary depending on the size of the HVAC system for your property of interest.

Top 5 Price Factors That Contributes to Commercial Rooftop HVAC Unit Prices

  1. Size of the replacement unit.
  2. Brand, Model, efficiency rating and etc.
  3. Extra accessories such as economizer, curb adopter and etc.
  4. Crane rental & city permit costs. This is variable costs depend on the number of hours officers need to oversee the job, location of the job and etc.
  5. Labour. To be determined by the licensed contractor based on the number of hours on the job, difficulty and etc.

**Please note that you also have to consider if your building needs an extra feature like BMS Features (Building Management System) with the rooftop, you are intending to purchase. That would affect your selection when it comes to selecting the right brand & model.

Top 5 Best Commercial Rooftop HVAC Unit Manufacturers

At Home Trade Standards, we recommend York, Lennox, Daikin, Trane & Carrier as Top 5 Best Commercial Rooftop HVAC Manufacturers in Toronto & GTA area based on reliability, manufacture warranty and post-sale manufacturer customer service.

York Rooftop Units 3 to 65 TON

Affinity Series (DEQ, DNQ, DEX & DNX Models) – Predator (ZF, ZJ, ZY, ZH, ZR & ZT Models) -Suline Series (ZF, ZE & ZJ Models) & Direct Fit

Lennox Rooftop Units 3 to 50 TON 

Energence Rooftop Units – Landmark Rooftop Units – Raider Rooftop Units

Daikin Rooftop Units from 3 to 140 TON

RoofPak Heating & Cooling 15 to 140 tons – Rebel® Cooling & Heat Pump 3 to 28 tons

Trane Rooftop Units from 3 to 162 TON

Foundation Series, Precedent Series, Voyager Series, Intellipak Series, Odyssey Series & Impack

Carrier Rooftop Units from 3 to 150 TON

WeatherMaker Rooftop Units, WeatherExperts Rooftop Unis, WeatherMasters Rooftop Units, Performance & Comfort Heat Pump

Rooftop Unit Size In Tonnage & BTU For Small, Medium & Large Commercial HVAC Applications

The size or the capacity of your rooftop unit depends on how much space you need to cover. HVAC Systems power is usually measured by TON or BTU/H. 1 TON is equal to 12,000 BTU/H. Commercial Rooftop units come in sizes ranging from 3 TONs to 162 TONs.

  • For small size businesses such as retail spaces or restaurant businesses with basic HVAC requirements, 3 to 7 TON Rooftop units are perfect for heating & cooling capacity.
  • For Medium size buildings, normally 7 to 25 TONs of capacity is adequate to supply required heat & cooling throughout the building.
  • For larger commercial buildings like hospitals, hotels or warehouses, we offer rooftop units from 25 to162 TONs.

Last But Not Least – Why Start Now?

We understand that going through the no heat or no cool situation can be a hassle when you have to be focused on your business.

As part of our process, we provide a free consultation to businesses prior to the project start day to ensure the best results & quality services. We also run a full technical and feasibility assessment before starting any project to ensure nothing is overlooked from a professional standpoint. Our Licensed Commercial HVAC Technicians will work with you the whole way through – from finding the right size system for your business or commercial application to installation, crane rental*, commercial rooftop units removal, installation & extended warranty registration. To learn more about our packaged rooftop unit repair & maintenance servicesclick here.

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