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Commercial Heating Repair & Maintenance In Toronto

Home Trade Standards provides commercial heating services for businesses in Toronto. Every Heating system has a specific characteristic and functionality. We are trained to run a comprehensive diagnostic and fully evaluate your heating system from the top down.

Remember to do regular maintenance on your heating systems to ensure in it operates smoothly in cold and hot seasons.  Our Experts check three things during annual maintenance checks for your commercial units.

  1. Ductwork: Commercial Ductwork can develop wear and tear over time. Regular maintenance minimizes our heat loss, crack, holes disconnections and low air flow through your duct system. This is is an essential part of your system that’s responsible for delivering the heat or cool air to the business space.
  2. System operation: A system cannot run if the main core component starts corroding or malfunction. Every part must undergo regular testing to avoid unforeseen problems such as fan break down, wiring issues and etc.
  3. Electrical Check: This is to ensure all electrical components are running smoothly together. Sometimes a small component such as a capacitor can cause malfunction to your system overall operation.

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