AIRMAX Air Handler 50e, 70e, 100e | High-Velocity Systems

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AIRMAX Repair, Installation & Replacement In Toronto & GTA Area | Heating & Air Conditioning

Home Trade Standards provides AIRMAX Heating & Air Conditioner Repair, Installation & Replacement Services in Toronto & GTA. AirMax is a high-velocity heating and air conditioning system commonly installed in townhouse condominiums and residential houses. These systems are also known as ducted fan coil units because they are paired with an indoor boiler water heater tank and an outdoor condenser unit. Typically, the water heater supplies the hot water in your home as well as the same hot water is used to heat your place.

AIRMAX Air Handler 50e, 70e, 100e | High-Velocity Systems

Home Trade Standards can provide installation and replacement services for all the following AIRMAX Air Handler (High-Velocity Systems):

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  • MAXAIR™ 30
  • MAXAIR™ 50
  • MAXAIR™ 70
  • MAXAIR™ 100

About MAXAIR Product Warranty

The MAXAIR™product line is available in three models: 30, 50, 70 & 100. MAXAIR hydronic Heating & Air Conditioning Systems come with 1-year parts and labour, 2-years on parts only where applicable.  High Velocity The MAXAIR are specifically designed for use in single-family or multi-tenant residential and commercial applications. AIRMAX High-Velocity Mini Ducted Systems are the smallest units available in their capacity range. Flexible installation options, High-Efficiency ECM Motor (ECM) are two important selling factors of this equipment. For commercial applications or custom residential houses, MAXAIR™eP2/P3 series provide additional comfort control with separate 2 zone or 3 zone priority control systems.

AIRMAX Warranty Claims

The warranty period is twelve (12) months from the date of purchase. Warranty includes parts and labour (check with AirMax Technologies Inc. for labour allowance rates). An extended twelve (12) month warranty is available, where applicable, at an additional cost, please consult AirMax Technologies Inc. Cost of returning the goods to AirMax Technologies Inc. is by others. All warranty parts are to be prepaid by the customer. No warranty will be in effect until the equipment is paid for in full. Warranty on all equipment sold to the customer may be suspended, at AirMax Technologies Inc.’s discretion, until the customer’s account is in good standing. The warranty covers defective components only. Normal wear and abuse is not covered. The customer’s account will be credited only after the defective part has been examined by AirMax Technologies Inc. or the vendor and determined to be defective.


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