NAPOLEON CONDO PACK | Magic Pak Replacement Unit

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Napoleon Condo Pack | Magic Pak Replacement Unit

Napoleon is a Canadian HVAC company with a variety of gas & electric Heating & Air Conditioning units for Low Rise & High Rise Residential & Commercial Condominiums.

Napoleon Condo Pack is a Canadian-made self-contained condo Heating & Air Conditioning System designed by Napoleon. The heating component is designed around a stainless-steel heat exchanger that provides over 80% efficiency while the air conditioning feature is a 10.8 EER Scroll Compressor.  These units are the perfect replacement for the old Electric and gas MAGIC PAK self-contained heating and cooling units.

Currently, Napoleon builds the following condo pack sizes for residential condominiums: 

38,000 BTU Heating – 1.0-Ton Cooling
51,000 BTU Heating – 1.5-Ton Cooling
51,000 BTU Heating – 2.0-Ton Cooling
64,000 BTU Heating – 2.5-Ton Cooling

Additional sizes, custom colours, and other lines may be special ordered. Please contact us directly to order special items.

Magic Pak Versus Napoleon Condo Pack

The major selling point when it comes to Napoleon condo packs is the fact that they are made and manufactured in Barrie, Canada. Therefore, if you live in the Greater Toronto Area while looking to replace your existing magic pak, Napoleon products are one the most reliable options for Magic Pak Replacement. Here are a few advantages of installing a Magic Pak Versus Napoleon Condo Pak:

  1. Canadian Made: Napoleon Condo Pak is Canadian Made whereas Magic Pak comes from the United States.
  2. Service Part Availability: Napoleon parts are easily accessible to order and shipped for contractors in Toronto because the manufacturer is located in Canada.
  3. Easy Installation: Napoleon Condo Packs include isolation grommets, electrical junction boxes, drain pans, and gas nipples. Magic-Paks don’t have any of those things. A Napoleon Condo Pack can be custom-designed to fit any existing sleeves and includes handholds to make inserting and removing the unit safe and easy.
  4. Repair Services:  Nepolean Condo Pack comes in a Dual Slide-Out Chassis that allows the service technician to remove the heating or cooling module independently for service maintenance or replacement.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace a Magic Pak Unit With a Napoleon Condo Pack?

The cost of replacing a Magic Pak unit with a Napoleon Condo Pack can range from $6000 to $8000 depending on the size of the existing Magic pack equipment (BTU), and the difficulty of the job.

Napoleon Condo Pack Versus Magic Pak Warranty

Napoleon offers 5 year part 10 10-year air Conditioning Module Replacement Warranty and 20 Year Heat Exchanger Warranty. Magic Pak offers 5 5-year part and a 20-year heat exchanger.

In-Suite Condo Inspection

Home Trade Standards offers in-suite condo inspection for homeowners in the Toronto & GTA area. Please simply contact us to book an appointment.

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