Trane Ductless Heat Pump 16 SEER | 9K

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Trane Ductless Heat Pump 16 SEER | 9K

Split System (R-410A, 60Hz, 9K)

People trust Trane to provide reliable efficient solutions. Trane Ductless Systems allows you to create a comfortable indoor environment in spaces where adding ductwork might be impractical or too expensive, or not as efficient as a ductless option.

Retrofit a house that doesnt have a ducted system or where the central system is already at capacity. Bring efficient, economical comfort to new room additions. Provide spot heating and cooling that operates independently of the central system.

Trane Ductless Systems offer flexibility in design and provide efficiency and economy with two simple components- an outdoor unit and one or more stylish, low profile, indoor units.

Indoor Unit Includes

Quiet Design

Specially designed air vent efficiently reduces operation noise, as low as 26 dB.

Turbo Function

High speed operation quickly reaches desired temperature.

Sleep Mode Function

Temperature rises/falls automatically to maintain room comfort and save energy while you sleep.

Auto Clean/Triple Filtraion 

Fan runs when unit is stopped to reduce moisture and inhibit the development of bacteria,  and the triple filtration further cleans the air that you breathe.

Anti-cold Design

To prevent blowing cold air directly to the room, air is pre-heated during heating operation.


Operate the unit automatically only when you want by setting the timer.

Outdoor Unit Includes

Energy Efficiency 

Quickly reach the desired temperature without sacrificing your electricity bills without our higher EER/COP levels.

Robust Grill

Prevent damage without impacting airflow with our strong, hot-dip galvanized steel grill.

Intelligent Defrost

Auto defrosting is implemented if necessary. It Improves the. systems heating efficiency and helps you save power. (Standard on all heat pump models.)

Blue Fin

Increase durability and ensure continued efficiency with our special. anti-corrosion coil treatment. (Standard on all heat pump models.)

Twin Rotary DC Compressor

Provides better balance and higher efficiency.

Compressor Protection

Compressor stops or delays operation when there is mode conflict.

Standard Features

● Inverter Compressor

● Turbo Operation

● 208/230/1 Power Supply

● Backlit Remote Controller ( Sold Seperately )

● Cooling Operating Range 0 – 115 F

● Auto Changeover (Heat Pump Only)

● Heating Operating Range -4 – 75 F

● Auto Fan Speed Control

● Precharged for up to 25 ft of Liquid Line

● Self Diagnostics with Digital Display

● Indoor Sound Pressure as Low as 28 dB(A)

● Auto Restart after Power Failure

● Outdoor Sound Pressures as Low as 52 dB(A)

● Blue Fin Anti-Corrosion Treatment on Heat Exchanger

● Auto clean Tripple Filtration

● Max Piping (09/12 MBH): 100′ Length, 65′ Height

● Sleep Mode Function

● Max Piping (18/24 MBH): 130′ Length, 65′ Height

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