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PTAC Repair & Maintenance Services In Toronto & GTA Area

Home Trade Standards is a trusted PTAC Repair & Maintenance Company in Toronto. We provide HVAC Services to Commercial, Condominium and Residential Properties. Our service technicians are accustomed to most well-known PTAC Manufacturers such as AMANA, ISlANDAIRE, PERFECT COMFORT, APPLIED COMFORT, CARRIER, MCQUAY, GE Zoneline and GE APPLIANCE.  

PTAC Units are frequently used in hotel rooms, condo apartments, dormitories, shops, offices, banks and restaurants.

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We provide the following services for PTAC Units: 

What Is Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTACs)?

A Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC) is the type of self-contained, ductless air conditioning system commonly used in hotels and condominium buildings. PTACs are installed in an exterior wall of a building. When a PTAC is installed, the condensing side of the unit is positioned outside the building wall and the evaporator side of the unit positioned inside. Often PTACs provide heating and cooling, though some may only be designed for cooling. PTACs are designed to condition air in an individual room or zoned part of a building. 

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PTAC Types

PTAC Units use different designs to provide heating or cooling using one of the following methods: 

Notes: In Canada, All PTAC units work with R-22, R134A or R-410 Refrigerant.

PTAC Sizes & Custom Dimensions

PTAC Units are designed in different standard dimensions including 42×16, 36x15, 40x15 and 26x16 inches. Some older PTACs may have custom dimensions. We have seen many times when the dimension are not standard. In that case, we can help you with ordering a new custom made PTAC units. 

PTAC Manufacturer Warranty:

At Home Trade Standards, we provide at least 1 year part labour warranty on all PTAC installations. In addition, Most PTAC Units come with a 6-year compressor warranty and 1 year limited part.

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