InnKeeper & HomeKeeper Vertical Stacked Heat Pumps (IKV & HKV)

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InnKeeper & HomeKeeper Vertical Stacked Heat Pumps (IKV & HKV)

Innkeeper & HomeKeeper Vertical Stacked Heat Pumps | Sales & Service

Bulldog heat pumps are vertical stacked systems commonly installed in high rise condos in Toronto & GTA area. Home Trade Standards offers repair, annual maintenance and replacement for Bulldog Geothermal systems. Bulldog Innkeeper and Homekeeper heat pumps are the most popular models. Inkeeper & Homekeeper Heat pump systems are AHRI certified and available in three different capacities and dimensions below:

BULLDOG InnKeeper Models 008 to 018     

3/4 – 1 1/2 tons                   18″W x 14″D x 84″H

BULLDOG HomeKeeper Models 016 to 036     

1 /4 – 3 tons                         21″W x 20″D x 84″H

CGC Group makes the BULLDOG Heat Pump. These systems have a quiet operation and use a different technology compare to traditional water source heat pump systems.

Innkeeper & HomeKeeper Replacement Models

Home Trade Standards offers Innkeeper and HomeKeeper replacement for IKV and HKV Series Below:

InnKeeper Vertical Stack (IKV008-018). HomeKeeper Vertical Stack (HKV016-036). IKV008. IKV010. IKV012. IKV015. IKV018. IKV008. IKV010.

The BULLDOG Heat Pump System is a combination of conventional water-cooled air conditioning and hydronic space heating, all in one package. This system operated as a fan coil in heating mode and in cooling, works as a water-cooled DX unit. The compressors do no operate in heating mode to save energy in the winter season. Innkeeper and Homekeeper are capable of providing heating and air conditioning at any time of the year.

Innkeeper Repair & Refurbishment Services

Home Trade Standards offers complete Innkeeper and HomeKeeper repair & refurbishment services for IKV and HKV models. Due to 1 Year current lead time for replacement and increasing costs of goods, please contact us if you are interested in Innkeeper Refurbishment Services.

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