Omega 816 Replacement Chassis | Climate-Master HCA Replacement

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Omega 816 Replacement Chassis | Climate-master HCA Replacement

OMEGA 816 Heat Pump Sales, Installation & Replacement In Toronto & the GTA

Omega 816 Series Heat Pump System replaces the old HCA Climate-master Heat Pump Chassis In Low Rise & High Rise Condo Buildings. Home Trade Standards is an authorized distributor and Service Provider for Omega Heat Pump Systems in the Toronto & GTA area. Contact us today for all Heat Pump Service-related inquiries. We provide installation & retrofit services for old obsolete heat pump chassis in your condo apartment.

OMEGA 816 Heat Pump Features:

Omega 816 Heat Pump Installation This heat pump comes with electrical & mechanical components. The new units consist of the following compartments: Chassis (Mechanical): This contains the water/refrigerant systems, including the compressor, Evaporative Coil, TXV, and Reversing Valve. It’s essentially the functional core of the unit. Control Board (Electrical): The new heat pump comes with a solid-state control board, wiring, harness, power connections, and thermostat connections. Blower Fan Motor & Assembly (Air Flow): The blower assembly housing & motor are required to be replaced for certain models. Upon inspection, we can determine whether your existing blower can be used with the new heat pump system. This option is typically optional however, we highly recommend replacing it to avoid future problems.


OMEGA 816 Heat Pump Warranty:

Product Warranty:

  • Standard 1 year parts and 5-year compressor warranty.

Product Brochure:

Product Warranty:

  • Standard 1 year parts and 5-year compressor warranty.
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