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Unilux Heat Pump Replacement For Condos & Appartments

Unilux is a well-known name in Fan Coil Manufacturing Business. They recently added a new line to their business. Unilux HP is a new Heat Pump System offering heat pump replacement solutions for condos and apartment buildings. Unilux Heat Pumps can be used to replace the following systems:

  1. Heat Pump Brands We Replace
  2. Whalen Climatemaster
  3. Omega
  4. Johnson Controls
  5. Skymark International
  6. Enerzone Bulldog
  7. Trane
  8. McQuay

If you own one of the manufacturing systems above, Unilux HP has a replacement solution that fit your requirement. 

What’s the difference between OMEGA, Whalen & UNILUX HP?

There are a few major difference between popular OMEGA, Whalen Heat Pumps Versus New Unilux Systems:

  1. Unilux Heat Pump Replacement offers full retrofit including electrical board, Thermostat, Blower Motor Assembly and Chassis
  2. Unilux HP offers a complete 2 Years Part & Labour from the installation date whereas OMEGA & Whalen offer only 1 Year Part & Labour Warranty
  3. Unilux HP uses an advanced control board to diagnose the system. Most existing Whalen & OMEGA replacement units do not come with a board which makes troubleshooting more difficult.
Unilux Factory Where Heat Pump Chassis Are Being Manufactured & Tested


Condo Heat Pump Test Center Production Line
Condo Heat Pump Is Getting Delivered To Customer’s Apartment In Downtown Toronto
Unilux Heat Pump Final Installation – Electrical Board, Blower Motor Assembly, Drain Pan & Chassis Complete Replacement & Retrofit


Product Brochure:

Product Warranty:

  • Unilux HP offers a complete 2 Years Part & Labour from the installation date whereas OMEGA & Whalen offer only 1 Year Part & Labour Warranty
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