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Fan Coil Services In Toronto & GTA Condominiums

Fan coil unit chiller boiler operation condo building systems

Home Trade Standards provides professional Condo Fan Coil Services to condo owners and building managers in Toronto & GTA High Rise Buildings. 

Fan Coil Units are not part of common Heating & Air Conditioning elements in most condominiums. Hence, it is the individual owner's responsibility to do Annual Fan Coil Maintenance & Repairs in case of a sudden breakdown. Our Condo Fan Coil Service Experts are Insured & Certified to do the following Services in Condominium Units


In addition to all the above Fan Coil Services, Home Trade Standards offers free onsite Building Engineering Analysis to condo property management across Toronto & GTA Area. 


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How Does a Fan Coil System Work In Condominiums? 

Condo Fan Coil units utilize hot water in winter and cold water in summer to Heating and Air Conditioning your space through a coil. In the building mechanical room, the boiler or the chiller work as a central HVAC system to supply hot and cold water through buildings closed-loop system.

Fan Coil Heating & Air Conditioning Systems In Condominiums

Fan Coil units are part of an HVAC system found in Toronto High Rise Condominiums Buildings. There are two Types of Fan coil units in Condominiums in the Toronto & GTA Area.

  1. Two-pipe fan coil units have 1 supply and 1 return pipe. The building management typically decides when supply either cold or hot water depending on the time of the unit. This type of fan coil system is more common in the condominium building in Toronto & GTA Area.
  2. Four-pipe fan coil units have 2 supply pipes and 2 return pipes. This allows users to have both heating and cooling at any given time all year round.

Condo Fan Coil Unit

Condo Fan Coil Repair & Maintenance Company

We provide Fan Coil Repair & Maintenance Services for in-suite HVAC units in Toronto Conodomium buildings. If you are experiencing no heat or no cool situation or your system is not distributing enough airflow throughout your home, you can count on our technicians for emergency services. We have working experience with many Building Managers, condo owners, landlords and tenants to deliver The Most Dependable Building HVAC Services from one season to another in the hottest and coldest months of the year. To learn more about our Condo HVAC Services, Click Here.

Condo Fan Coil Unit Not Heating or Fan Coil Unit Not Cooling

Condominium residents or office buildings with Fan Coil Units often notice air quality problems due to insufficient heat or cool distribution in their unit. If you have trouble with your Fan Coil Airflow, Temperature or Indoor Air Quality in your home or place of business, please schedule an appointment with our Fan Coil Technicians for professional fan coil troubleshooting. 

Fan Coil Service Experts - 1 Year Work Guaranteed On All Fan Coil Repairs

Our Fan Coil Service Experts carry a large inventory of Fan Coil Parts when needed to serve our customers when emergency service is required. We also offer After Service Warranty & Guaranteed Workmanship for 1 Year On All of our Part Replacement & Fan Coil Repair Services. Below is a list of parts we typically carry to offer our clients.

Condo-Fan-Coil-Maintenance-Toronto-HVAC-Air-Conditioning-Services-For-Condo-Home-Trade-Standards-ContractorHere is a brief description of our Fan Coil Services:

What is a Fan Coil Actuator Valve?

Fan Coil Actuator is responsible to control your fan coil unit operation in order to open and close the system's heating & cooling. This is done by letting the water into the coils when you set your thermostat for heating or cooling.

Fan Coil Actuator Failure

Fan coil Actuators failure is the most common problem when you encounter no heat or no cool issues with your Fan Coil Unit.

Condo Fan Coil Actuator Replacement Costs

Actuators come in a verity of types and models depending on their specifications. Actuator replacement costs in condos can range from $250 to $500 including parts and labour. Honeywell VC4011-11& VC4011-12 is the most commonly used actuators in Toronto  Building Fan Coil Systems

Honeywell VC4011-11 Fan Coil Actuator Replacement After & Before


Actuator Valve Replacement Fan Coil Unit Condo Toronto

Fan Coil 3 Way Valve & Cartridge Replacement

Fan Coil 3 Way Valves often fails due to rust, wear and tear. This can cause a flood in your condo if the leak is not prevented in a timely manner. We offer a 3-way valve, 2-way valve & cartridge replacement for fan coil units in condominiums. See below for before and after pictures.

Fan Coil 3 Way Valves cartridge replacement fan coil unit Condo Toronto

Condo Fan Coil Retrofit In Toronto & GTA Area

With over 400,000 already installed Fan Coil Systems in Toronto & GTA, Unilux VFC plays a major role in the future of Condo Fan Coil Retrofit in Toronto & GTA Area. Unilux VFC offers the most affordable Fan Coil Retrofit Solutions for Unilux Fan Coil Systems. Unilux VFC Vertical Fan Coil Systems are the most reliable replacement options for older Unilux Fan Coil Systems. 

Fan Coil Units in the older buildings require part replacement over time due to rust, corrosion and wear and tear. With Unilux VFC, we can offer a complete replacement. The units are made to insert the same cabinet in a shorter timeframe allowing us to replace all the inner insulations and system components in a more efficient way.

Fan Coil Freezing In Condos

Fan Coil Freezing happens when the outside freezing temperature penetrates into the fan coil cabinet. We highly recommend keeping your balcony door closed during freezing days in Winter. Read more about a recent story about Fan Coil Freezing & Flooding In Toronto Condominiums

We offer Free Fan Coil Retrofit Consultations to buildings owners & condo management in Toronto & GTA area. Simply send us an email to to get more information or Call (416) 736-7001 or (877) 749-7990 (Toll-Free) to Speak With a Live Agent.

5 Fan Coil Retrofit Benefits

Installation of Fan Coil Units started in 1970. This means Fan Coil Systems have been around more than half a century in Toronto High Rise Apartments. According to Fan Coil manufacturer engineering specifications, Fan Coil Units have a lifespan of 20 years. Dirt, Dust and other airborne small particles inside your condo suite can build up in your HVAC systems and negatively spread in the air when the unit is operating. Most importantly, mould can easily build up and grow inside your fan coil cabinet which endangers the health of residents due to the toxicity of airborne particles. Fan Coil Retrofitting is the best solution by far when it comes to improving indoor air quality in older condo highrise buildings. To Sum Up Fan Coil Retrofit Benefits are as follows:

  1. New Fan Coil Systems use ECM motor and they are much more efficient systems compare to older models
  2. New Fan Coil Units are equipped with sensors to prevent flood in the condominium units
  3. Mould Reduction Benefits by replacing the old insulation inside the cabinet as well as using anti-microbial material 
  4. New Fan Coils Are Typically More Quiter Compared To Older Models. 
  5. In Addition to All Above, Condo Owners Will Also Benefit From Property Value Increase.

Fan Coil Mould Problems

Due to condensation in evaporator coils in the summertime, moisture and humidity build-up inside Fan Coil Cabinets. Lack of proper maintenance and annual cleaning allow mould to accumulate over time inside your unit. Since moisture and humidity feed mould to grow. Hence, this matter becomes a huge issue in the long term for residents inside the unit. More importantly, exposure to mould can cause respiratory problems, skin rash, red eyes, asthma and difficulty breathing. 

Condo Fan Coil Replacement Costs

Condo Fan Coil Replacement Costs can vary from one building to another. Every condo is unique and every unit has a particular retrofit specification. Most Condominium Managements have a reserve fund designated for building retrofits and renovations. Fan Coil Retrofit & Replacement can cost from $2800 to $4000 per unit in a high rise condominium building in Toronto & GTA Area.

Condo Fan Coil Retrofit Toronto Best High Rise HVAC Air Conditioning and Heating Contractors

We work directly with Fan Coil Retrofit Manufacturers such as Unilux VFC to deliver the most cost-effective Condo Fan Coil Retrofit Services in Toronto & GTA area. Our services are as follows: 

If your building is older than 20 years old, please contact us directly to schedule an appointment for onsite building analysis. We work closely with condo board members and residents to deliver the most reliable Condo HVAC Services in Toronto & GTA Area.

Fan Coil Thermostats Repair & Installation Services

Home Trade Standards offers Fan Coil's Thermostat repair & installation Services in Toronto & GTA Area.
Fan Coil Units are not compatible with 3 types of Thermostats:

  1. Analog Thermostat
  2. Digital Thermostat
  3. Wifi Thermostats

Fan Coil's thermostat can be controlled using Wi-Fi capabilities. You can simply control the temperature of your house with your smartphone, tablet or computer.

For more information on how to add our Wi-Fi program to your fan coil system, please contact the Home Trade Standards Service department.

Condo Thermostat Analog Digital Wifi

Are Smart Thermostats like Nests and EcoBee compatible with Fan Coil Units?

No, Smart Thermostats are not compatible with Fan Coil Units in Condos. They can create a malfunction with your fan coil operation or cause damage to its components.

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