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Residential homeowners often tend to forget to do regular checks on the household’s water heater for years until it begins causing troubles. Most water heaters run between 8 and 15 years. If your hot water heater falls within that range, you may experience common issues whether it be leakages or a full malfunction, causing it to stop working altogether. If your water heater gives you symptoms such as weird noises, discolored water or smelling water, you should consider servicing it soon.

This is typically the point where the homeowner is forced to call a professional service technician for further assistance. Often times due to improper outdated installation, code violation or safety hazard, you can get a red tag by Enbridge Gas or your licensed HVAC contractor. The visit results in the homeowner learning that the issue caused due to safety concerns with the equipment safety features. Red tags usually indicate a description of the problem and describe the necessary repairs or remedies. The technician will also disconnect gas service to the problem area, either by capping off the nearest valve or shutting off gas service to the entire property. At this point, you should never attempt to reconnect any appliance that has been red tagged. While it may be an inconvenience and expense to arrange repairs, keep that in mind that this can create a very irreversible outcome and you should take the notice seriously.

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In Ontario Enbridge offers a third-party program which enables companies who finance, rent or rent to own water heater to bill customers through Enbridge’s billing system. Although the bill comes from Enbridge but they are a gas distribution company. This is an extended billing service to facilitate the payment methods for homeowners who rather get everything under one bill.  This bill will reflect a list of alternate companies, which will display the name of the homeowner’s provider. The Open Bill Program enables many different home improvement companies to send customers bills for specific services under an Enbridge Gas billing system. Though, you are still require to contact your heating and cooling HVAC service provider for warranty and all the other inquiries. To learn more, you may contact them about the companies involved in the Enbridge Billing Service or look for more information on your most recent Enbridge Gas Bill.

Any maintenance services on appliances such as hot water heater are to be done through the specific service expert licensed technican, as shown on your bill.  Although, some customer receive the bills directly from HVAC companies like Reliance Home Comfort itself. If you are wishing to make the switch to Enbridge Billing Program, We can help you switch and your payments will appear on Enbridge billing system. This can be also completed by simply making an upgrade to one of our Tankless or Power-vented new water heaters that are energy efficient, through Home Trade Standards Enbridge Water Heater Program. It must be noted that it’s recommended to contact your current water heater provider before removal to learn more about return or removal costs.

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