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Our Full HVAC Services In Toronto & The GTA

Condo Fan Coil Services In Toronto
& GTA Condominiums

Home Trade Standards provides professional Condo Fan Coil Services to condo owners and building managers in Toronto & GTA High Rise Buildings.

Condo Fan Coil Units are not part of common heating & cooling elements in most condominiums. That means it is the individual condo owner's responsibility to do Seasonal Fan Coil Maintenance & Emergency Repairs in case of a sudden breakdown. Our Condo Fan Coil Service Experts are Insured & Certified to provide the following condo fan coil services:

  • Fan Coil Inspections & Reports
  • Fan Coil Repair Services
  • Condo Fan Coil Annual Maintenance
  • Condo Fan Coil Retrofit Solutions
  • New Fan Coil Installation
  • Fan Coil Part & Service

Condo HVAC Repair & Maintenance
In Toronto & GTA Condominiums

Home Trade Standards has a designated team that specialized in High Rise Condominium HVAC Services in Toronto and GTA core areas.

We are Experts in All Condo HVAC Units such as Fan Coil, Heat Pump, Magic-Pak and PTAC Heating & Air Conditioning Systems you currently use.

Here Is What Our Clients Call Us For:
  • In-Suite Condominium Heating & Air Conditioning Repair Services
  • Condo HVAC Troubleshooting & Part Replacement
  • Condo HVAC Retrofit & Upgrade
  • Condo HVAC Removal & Installation
  • Condo Annual HVAC Maintenance
  • Condo HVAC Inspection & Report
  • Condo HVAC Services For High Rise Mechanical Systems
  • Condo Building Chiller and Boiler Services

Condo Heat Pump Repair &

Home Trade Standards provides Condominium Heat Pump Repair & Maintenance Services for condo owners and building managers in Toronto & GTA area. Condo Heat Pumps are not part of common heating & cooling elements in high rise buildings. This means that it is the individual owner's responsibility to arrange an Emergency Repair or Maintenance service call in case of a mechanical failure or sudden breakdown. If you are experiencing a problem with your Condo Heat Pump Air Conditioning or Heating system, then you have come to the right place.

We have a designated Technical Support & Test Centre for Troubleshooting All Types of Vertical and Horizontal Heat Pump Systems in Condominiums & Commercial High Rise Buildings.

Home Trade Standards Offers 1 Year Part & Labour Guarantees on All Condominium Heat Pump Repair, Installation & Replacement Services. Contact Us Today!

Commercial Heating Contractor Toronto

Home Trade Standards provides commercial heating service for businesses in Toronto. Every Heating system has a specific characteristic and functionality. We are trained to run a comprehensive diagnostic and fully evaluate your heating system from the top down. Remember to do regular maintenance on your heating systems to enure in it operates smoothly in cold and hot seasons. Our Experts check three things during annual maintenance check for your commercial units.

  • Ductwork: Commercial Ductwork can develop wear and tear over time. Regular maintenance minimizes our heat loss, crack, holes disconnections and low air flow through your duct system. This is is an essential part of your system that's responsible for delivering the heat or cool air to the business space.
  • System operation: A system cannot run if the main core component starts corroding or malfunction. Every part must undergo regular testing to avoid unforeseen problems such as fan break down, wiring issues and etc.
  • Electrical Check: This is to ensure all electrical components are running smoothly together. Sometimes a small component such as a capacitor can cause malfunction to your system overall operation.

Commercial HVAC Rooftop Unit Repair &
Installation Services in Toronto & GTA Area

Home Trade Standards specializes in Commercial HVAC Rooftop Unit Repair & Installation Services regardless of the size of your project. We have a team of experienced Commercial HVAC Technicians who are trained & licensed to help you with your Business Heating and Air Conditioning needs. Our Commercial HVAC Services include the following:

  • Commercial Rooftop HVAC Repair Services
  • Commercial Rooftop Unit Annual Maintenance
  • Commercial Packaged Rooftop Unit Installation
  • Packaged Rooftop Unit Part Replacement & Upgrade
  • Commercial HVAC Engineering Analysis & Consultation
  • Commercial Rooftop Unit Inspection & Report
  • Rooftop HVAC Free Estimate & Sales
  • Offices - Hotels - Restaurants - Wharehouse - Buildings

Commercial Boiler & Water Heater Applications
From The Leaders In Condensing Technology

A commercial boiler is a long-term investment. Properly maintained, your unit can last 30 years. High-efficiency condensing heating boilers deliver cost-effective solutions to a wide variety of applications for commercial clients. Our commercial services include but not limited to the following:

  • Hotels and resorts.
  • Restaurants and clubs.
  • School facilities.
  • Medical facilities.
  • Industrial applications.
  • University dorms & rental apartments
  • Municipal facilities
  • Property Managers

We enjoy working with different professionals across different industries for all commercial HVAC engineering needs. Our strong network with major HVAC manufacturers has paved the road for us to achieve additional customer-pleasing experience when it comes to delivering cost-effective solutions to a wide variety of commercial water heater and boiler applications. Our primary goal is to offer the industry’s strongest commercial warranty and customer support to everyone who uses our commercial services.

Furnace Installation In Toronto & GTA -
Furnace Prices - Free Estimate - Buy Online

At Home Trade Standards offers online purchasing power to consumers across Toronto & GTA area. To learn more about our online furnace installation services, please visit how it works.

What is the Average Cost of a Gas Furnace Replacement?

A high-efficiency furnace replacement cost can range from $2500 to $5500 depends on the size of your home, unit brand & model, efficiency, warranty and most importantly the difficulty of the project. At Home Trade Standards, we provide flat-rate installation services to ensure fair home HVAC services across Toronto & GTA.

Top 5 Price Factors in Furnace Replacement
  • Size of your Home
  • Furnace Brand & Models
  • Labour Costs & Labour Warranty
  • Furnace Efficiency Rating
  • Furnace Stages (Single Stage, Two Stage, Variable Speed & Modulating)

Central Air Conditioning Repair & Installation
In Toronto & GTA Area

Home Trade Standards provides Full Air Conditioning Services For All Types of Residential Air Conditioning Systems such as Central Air Conditioning, Ductless Heat Pump, Ductless Air Conditioner & Window Air Conditioners. We are #1 Trusted Heating & Air Conditioning HVAC Contractor in Toronto & GTA Area.

Here is a brief description of our A/C Services:
  • Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement
  • Air Conditioning Repair
  • Air Conditioning Maintenance
  • Air Conditioning Inspection

Water Heater Installation & Repair In Toronto & GTA
Area - Buy Online

At Home Trade Standards we carry a variety of water heaters types, mainly gas and electric. You can select your preferred product(s) from Shop Now. We will install the order at your property as early as 24 hours. To learn more, please visit how it works.

What Are The Most Common Type of Hot Water Heaters?

Water heaters are primary sources of hot water throughout your home, through a transfer of heat process which is why we make it our priority to ensure that it doesn’t run out. It may become overwhelming differing between a gas or electric water heater- tank or tankless- power vented or conventionally vented, which is why Home Trade Standards provides you with an outline before making your decision.

  • Traditional Gas Water Heaters
  • Electric Water Heater

Who is Home Trade Standards?

Home Trade Standards Proudly Provides Complete Heating & Air Conditioning Services for Low Rise & High Rise Condominium Appartments, Commercial Buildings and Residential Homes in Toronto & GTA Area. We Offer Full Installation, Retrofit, Repair & Annual Maintenance Services for a Wide Range of HVAC Systems such as Fan Coils, Heat Pumps, Magic Pak, PTAC, Air Handlers, Chiller, Boiler & More.

Our Online Shop Platform Enables Our Users To Go Through a Seamless Ordering, Check Out & Booking Process. Simply Buy & Order Installation Services Online For Your Next Heating & Air Conditioning System With Full Confidence at a Fixed Installation Rate In Less Than 5 Minutes. All of our Technicians Are Fully Licensed and Trained To Deliver High-Quality HVAC Services.

Home Trade Standards Provides HVAC installation, retrofit, repair, maintenance services for Fan Coil Heating & Air Conditioning Systems.

Looking For a High Rise HVAC Specialist?

Home Trade Standards is a Leading High Rise HVAC Company For Condos & Appartments In Toronto & GTA Area. Simply Contact Us Today To Book Your Next Service!

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