Aurum Fan Coil Retrofit & Replacement

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Aurum Fan Coil Retrofit & Replacement Services in Toronto & GTA

Home Trade Standards is an authorized Aurum Fan Coil service provider, distributor & installer in Toronto & GTA Area. We are happy to help with all Vertical Fan Coil Service-related inquiries.


Aurum Fan Coil Retrofit is a Perfect Replacement System For Older Fan Coil Systems

At Home Trade Standards, We work directly with Fan Coil Retrofit Manufacturers such as Aurum to provide the most reliable Condo Fan Coil Retrofit Services in Toronto High-Rise apartments. We can give your Condo Fan Coil System a complete overhaul without damaging the surrounding area using Aurum Fan Coil Unit.

Why You Should Retrofit Your Fan Coil:

Aurum Fan Coil Retrofit

  • Increasing the airflow in your home
  • Increasing energy efficiency in fan coil operations
  • Enhancing and creating optimal comfort in your home
  • Reducing operation noise
  • Lowering fan coil energy consumption
  • Decreased air pressure drops with new coil
  • Larger surface area of the coil

Aurum Fan Coil System Features:

ECM Technology

  • 80% electrically efficient (30-40% increase)
  • 90,000+ hours operating life span

20 Gauge Stainless Steel Construction

  • Virtually eliminates the possibility of rust occurrence

Zone tight Actuator and Valve (2 or 3 way)

  • Zero Leakage   
  • Self-cleaning technology to be clog resistance
  • Consumes 95% less power than the conventional actuator

24V Control Centre

  • Easy plug and play compatible with most smart thermostats on the market


  • Senses water temperature
  • Sends signals to the actuator to regulate

Easy Future Serviceability

  • Union connections from valve bodies
  • Braided stainless steel hoses are equipped with union connections for easy connection/disconnect from building supply and return.

Drain Pan Float Sensor

  • Increases chance of detecting floods that occur from the condensate pan, or condensate hose by cutting power to fan coil
  •   By cutting power to the thermostat, and/or signalling to audible alarm (optional) allows for easy identification from the owner

Our Retrofit Services Include:

  • Free Building Inspection & Report
  • Project Financing & Feasibility
  • Evnivorinemnt Benefits Such as Mould Remediation & Removal
  • Fan Coil Service & Warranty

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Aurum Fan Coil Dimensions

Aurum Fan Coil Performance Data

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