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Applied Comfort PTAC Unit U42 C42 | i42 Inverter

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Applied Comfort PTAC Unit U42 C42 | i42 Inverter

Applied Comfort PTAC Sales, Installation, & Replacement Services

Applied Comfort provides inverter and no inverter PTAC units. The Calm series comes in 16 by 42 sleeve dimensions. These units are reliable and easy to install. They are designed for quiet operation in residential high rise condominium buildings, hotels and retirement homes.

U42: Flexible Amperage Heater – Non-Inverter Chassis: This unit comes in 20 and 30 AMP Fixed Cord Configuration. Applied-Comfort-PTAC-BTU-POWER-CORD

C42: Flexed Amprage Heater – Non-Inverter Chassis: This PTAC Model comes in 15 AMP, 20 AMP and 30 AMP cords for 2, 3 and 5KW of electric Heat.

i42: Applied Comfort i42 Is a quieter and efficient unit compare to C42 and U42 Models. This unit also offers 30% energy saving per year compared to the two models above.

Applied Comfort PTAC Warranty:

Home Trade Standards offers 1 Year Full Part & Labour Warranty Coverage on all parts and installation services. Applied comfort also offers 6-year compressor warranty for any manufacturer defect or sudden mechanical failure. Additional Warranty Available Upon Request. Please call us at (416) 736-7001.



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