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SUBURBAN DL3 DYNALINE PTAC Replacement & Installation In Toronto

Home Trade Standards is a Dynaline DL3 PTAC Suburban Distributor, Service Provider & Installer in Toronto & GTA. Please contact us today for all your replacement projects for Hotels, Condo, Retirement Homes & Residential properties.

Dynaline DL3 Suburban PTAC is a Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC) combines the conventional features of compact zone control systems with the benefits of economical gas heating. It provides year-round comfort control for hotels, motels, apartments, dormitories, shops, nursing homes, assisted living centers, satellite offices, room additions and other applications that require economical heating and cooling.

Dynaline DL3 Suburban Capacities:

  • Model DL3-0712, with 7600 BTU/h cooling and 12,000 BTU/h gas heating input
  • Model DL3-0912, with 9500 BTU/h cooling and 12,000 BTU/h gas heating input
  • Model DL3-1220, with 11,500 BTU/h cooling and 18,000 BTU/h heating input
  • Model DL3-1622, with 14,000 BTU/h cooling and 20,000 BTU/h heating input.

Dynaline DL3 Suburban Features:

  • Electrical components: Located on the indoor side of the wall, they are protected from the weather and easily accessed for service.
  • Attractive stamped aluminum or architectural-style exterior grilles:
    Custom finished architectural grilles are available to match your building’s decor.
  • Air vent: The manually operated lever allows entry of 70 CFM of outside air
    into the conditioned space.
  • Rotary compressor: Reliable, efficient, and quiet-running design has a longer life expectancy than heat pump compressors. The Dynaline3 gas PTAC does not use the compressor during heating cycles.
  • High Pressure Switch: Protects the compressor in unlikely event of condenser fan failure.
  • High limit: Protect appliance by turning gas off if, for any reason, the heating section approaches an unsafe temperature level.
  • Gas connections: Can be made inside or outside, to suit design or code requirements. Available for Natural gas or Propane. A 2-PSIG regulator accessory is available (Natural gas only).


What Our Service Offer:

  • Free Building Inspection & Report
  • Project Financing & Feasibility
  • Environment Benefits Such as Mould Remediation & Removal
  • Dynaline 3 Suburban PTAC Service & Warranty

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