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Early Signs of Water Heater Problems

Posted in Rebates & Incentives, on January 02, 2019 By Admin

Early Signs of Hot Water Heater Problems Has your hot water heater done something odd lately? * Loud knocking, popping, banging sounds * Noticing Visible sediments in your hot water * Pilot light that won’t stay lit, usually because of a defective thermocouple, or pilot tube. * Leaks from...

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Coldest Place On Earth

Posted in Rebates & Incentives, on January 03, 2019 By Admin

How are you hanging in the coldest days of the year? What if I told you Ontario is the coldest place on Earth these days.  If you find your home suddenly without heat, you may be able to solve the problem yourself. If you cannot find the source of the problem, consult a registered...

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Enbridge Billing | Water Heaters

Posted in Enbridge Gas | Billing, on March 07, 2019 By Admin

Enbridge Billing System For Water Heaters Residential homeowners often tend to forget to do regular checks on the household’s water heater for years until it begins causing troubles.Most water heaters run between 8 and 15 years. If your hot water heater falls within that range, you may...

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Buying New Air Conditioner in Toronto

Posted in Air-Conditioner, on July 17, 2019 By Admin

Air Conditioner Buying Guide What To Consider Before Your start looking for A New Air Conditioner In Toronto  Buying new Air Conditioners are significant and long-lasting investment in your home. Knowing what to consider when choosing a central air conditioner is important to ensure...

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Replace or Install a new piece of equipment to your house? Follow 6 Easy Steps to Furance Repair


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