Can You Install a Nest Thermostat In a Condo?

Nest Thermostat Synced with a Phone in a Condo Unit

The short answer is “Yes”.

Google NEST Thermostat comes in 5 different Models Below. The 2nd and 3rd Gen Nest Themorstat allows condo residents to install and pair these smart thermostats with the existing 24V style horizontal and vertical fan coil systems. Fan Coil thermostat typically runs on a 3-speed fan system. Low, Medium & High. 2nd & 3rd Gen Nest Learning Thermostats come with 10 wire connectors which enables you to install a NEST Learning thermostat on your condo apartment HVAC system. 

Disclaimer: Before you make any changes follow the two steps below:

1. Take a picture of the existing wiring setup of your old thermostat

2. You must disconnect the power from the circuit breaker in your Condo.

5 NEST Thermostat Base & Models In The Market

If you’re planning to upgrade your existing 24V fan coil thermostat, you can only go with the 2nd and 3rd generation models. The different Nest Thermostat models include:

  • Nest Thermostat
  • Nest Thermostat E
  • 1st Gen Nest Thermostat
  • 2nd Gen Nest Thermostat
  • 3rd Gen Nest Thermostat

Smart Thermostat Installation in Toronto Condominiums

If you are dealing with temperature issues or a thermostat malfunction or you’re looking to upgrade the existing old thermostat in your condo, please call us today to book a service appointment with one of our condo experts. Making wiring changes without having an HVAC background can cause a future malfunction in your system. Many people watch youtube videos on how to install a new thermostat but the actual job may be different than what you are planning to achieve from replacing your thermostat. 

Do Not Change The Thermostat If Your Condo HVAC System Is Already Not Working

Another important factor to pay attention prior to replacing your thermostat is that following online youtube video tutorials to change the thermostat does not always solve the underlying issue with your condo HVAC system. Knowing what to look at is what makes a licensed technician different from the homeowner. Yes doing regular filter change, turning off the breaker from the main panel to restart the system are all great start to see if the system comes back to life or no. However, changing the thermostat should not be the first step if your system is already not working. Condo HVAC Repair or Troubleshooting should be done by professional experienced technicians familiar with fan coil, heat pump and condo heating and air conditioning systems. 

Heating & Air Conditioning Repair In Condos

Condo HVAC Repair & Maintenance should be done by a contractor that focuses on condo heating and air conditioning systems. Fan Coil & Heat Pump System in apartments are typically owned by the suite owner or condo corporation. If owned by the suite owner, then you are responsible for all repair, maintenance, and replacement throughout the life of the unit. 

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