Which Is Better: 2-Pipe vs 4-Pipe HVAC System?

Are you looking for the right HVAC system for your condo in Toronto?

Do you know the difference between 2-pipe and 4-pipe HVAC systems?

These two are some of the most common piping arrangements in hydronic systems for heating and cooling.

Understanding the differences between them will help you make the right choice for your Toronto condo HVAC system.

Here’s how each system works.

The 2-Pipe HVAC System

The 2-pipe HVAC system has a total of two hydronic pipes for both heating and cooling.

There’s one supply pipe and one return pipe, which means the heating and cooling coils share the same piping for water and air distribution.

That means that the 2-pipe HVAC system can’t heat and cool a condo at the same time.

You have to manually choose either the heating or the cooling mode for an entire building or space.

The 4-Pipe HVAC System

The 4-pipe HVAC system has two supply and two return pipes for both heating and cooling.

That means that the heating and cooling coils have separate hydronic piping.

You can simultaneously heat and cool a single condo, which allows for dehumidification.

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Which One Is a Better Option for You?

The 2-pipe HVAC system is less costly and very simple to install.

However, it may not be very convenient if you frequently need to switch between the heating and cooling modes. Switching from hot to cool water and vice versa takes a couple of days.

When it comes to buildings, it’s simply impossible to change the system’s mode for a single condo without changing it for the rest.

Because of these reasons, 2-pipe HVAC systems may be better for warmer climates where there aren’t constant temperature fluctuations.

The 4-pipe HVAC system is a bit more expensive since it has more components and takes more time to install.

However, 4-pipe HVAC offers more flexibility than its counterpart, as it can cool the space and dehumidify the air at the same time. That’s why it’s the more popular option for buildings and condos in Toronto.

It’s also why 4-pipe HVAC is a better option for the continental climate. Most Toronto HVAC systems are 4-pipe systems that can adequately heat a space during cold winters and cool it in warm and humid summers.

4-pipe HVAC systems are more efficient than 2-pipe HVAC systems.

Selecting the Right Toronto Condo HVAC Service Provider

Now that you know the differences between the 2-pipe and 4-pipe HVAC systems, you can make an informed decision for your Toronto condo. If you’re still not sure what to choose, our Toronto condo HVAC experts are here to help you decide.

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We offer condo HVAC installation, repair, replacement, retrofit, and maintenance services, all provided by our trained, insured, and TSSA-certified technicians.

If you have any questions about our services or you need help choosing the right Toronto condo HVAC system for your needs, don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact us today to book an online appointment and get a free quote.

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