Common Heating Repairs in Toronto Condos + Prevention Tips

With Toronto winters seemingly becoming more and more unpredictable, it’s in your best interest to enter the season prepared.

You need to ensure that your condo’s heating system is primed and ready to take on harsh winter months, keeping you warm and healthy. After all, you need your HVAC system performing at its best if you’re to face the cold Toronto winter temperatures.

So, how do you prepare for a cold winter? The best way is by being aware of some of the most common condo HVAC problems and solving them proactively.

So, let’s look at common Toronto condo heating issues and see what you can do about them.

Thermostat Issues & Repairs

Believe it or not, thermostats are often the number one heating issue.

They could be displaying the wrong temperature, have a hard time reaching the desired temperature,  provide uneven heating, and more.

At times, the issues are simple enough that you can fix them yourself, but sometimes calling a Toronto HVACexpert is in your best interest.

If you’re facing faulty wiring or calibration issues, it’s best to leave the job to the professionals. Don’t try to fiddle around with the inner workings your thermostat if you don’t know what you’re doing, as that could cause more problems than it solves.

Air Ducts: Damage, Defects & Fixes

If you want heated air to pass through your condo uninterrupted, you need functioning air ducts.

Without ducts, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy a warm, comfortable winter at home.

Some of the most common aid duct problems include air leakage, restricted airflow due to obstacles or accumulated debris, and inefficiency due to poor insulation. Any of these problems can drive your heating costs up and leave your home exposed to harsh winter temperatures.

Never attempt to solve air duct problems by yourself (unless you’re an expert).

Contact Home Trade Standards, your Toronto condo HVAC specialists, so that  we can inspect your air ducts and offer you long-lasting solutions.

HVAC Air Filter: Select Properly, Change Religiously

Air pollution is a growing concern for Toronto residents.

The best way to keep your condo clean from any hazardous pollutants is to invest in a high-quality air filter and change it as necessary.

GTA & Toronto condo owners often neglect their air filters and change them less frequently than they’d be willing to admit. However, this can cause several problems.

Primarily, you’d be putting your health at risk as dirty air filters aren’t nearly as good at purifying indoor air as clean, new filters. Secondly, you’d be putting your HVAC system under unnecessary strain.

Dirty and clogged filters will make it harder for the HVAC system to move the air around your house, so they’ll need more power and deliver worse performance.

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Vents: Key for Clean Air Flow

Vents enable you to control airflow and manage the temperature of each individual room in your home.

The most common problem you’ll encounter with them is dirt. Dust tends to settle on them, especially if your air ducts haven’t been cleaned recently, and when it does, you’ll notice a drop in your indoor air quality.

So, make sure to clean the vents frequently and check them for any damage.

If any vents need to be replaced, the job is best left to Toronto condo HVAC specialists.

Switches and Breakers: Electrical Issues

Issues with switches and breakers can leave your home cold during the winter months and lead to further electrical problems.

If circuit breakers trip often or the switches aren’t working properly, call in the experts!

Trying to fiddle around with electricity is strongly discouraged, so you’re best leaving that to the pros.

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Inspecting your HVAC system is crucial if you want to enjoy a comfortable winter.

Don’t wait around until temperatures reach below zero! Contact our experienced team at Home Trade Standards, and solve any heating issues before they arise.

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