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Condo HVAC Repair & Maintenance Services In Toronto & GTA Area

We have a designated team that specialized in condominium HVAC services in Toronto and GTA core areas. We repair, maintain and service all major fan coils and heat pumps you currently use. Every Condo uses a unique system and requires a thorough evaluation and consideration. Our team of Condo HVAC experts can provide you with step by step guidance and consultation to ensure you maintain a high level of comfort in your residential place. We have helped hundreds of our clients from one season to another with HVAC Repair services and maintenance as part of our ongoing practices.

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You can simply schedule an appointment at the place of your residence, and we thoroughly evaluate your system to bring back heat or cool to your family.

Here is what our clients call us for:

Every high rise building has a unique community and culture. Our team at Home Trade Standards, hear you every day and understand your condominium property manager needs to ensure our service and maintenance program is according to your building policy. We are fully licensed and insured as an HVAC provider so you can entirely rely on us for your repair needs.

Condo HVAC Units We Can Service & Install:

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What is a Fan Coil System and how does it work in a condo?

Fan Coils Heating & Cooling SystemsStandards Fan coils heating & cooling systems are often used in condominiums. In some buildings, these units are maintained by condo management but in others, it is the owner's responsibility for maintenance & repair in case of a sudden breakdown.

In the wintertime, these units get hot water supply from a central boiler in the building. The boiler supplies hot water to this unit and the fan blows across the coil of hot water and it streams warm air throughout your unit.

In the summertime, it changes around and the system has cold water going through the coil and the fan pushes the air across the coil and you will get cold airflow in your home.

In the transitioning times between seasons, it is quite possible that you may have no heat or cool air if your building has not fully switched to heating or cooling.

How Often Do You Need a Fan Coil Maintenance In Your Condominium? 

Some Condominium managements have a set regular fan coil maintenance program every year before winter and summer season. If your building does not offer a regular maintenance program, you can always count on us. At Home Trade Standards, we offer fan coil maintenance programs for condominium owners in Toronto & GTA. 

Vertical Stack Fan Coil Installation

At Home Trade Standards, we offer vertical stack fan coil installation & retrofitting services. We work closely with Unilux VFC who offers vertical fan coil solutions to buildings across Canada. Unilux's new ECM motor technology along with the simple design can guarantee energy savings on every fan coil replacement project. A normal fan coil system replacement takes less than 4 hours. 

Need Fan Coil Maintenance & Repair Services? We Provide The Best Fan Coil Repair & Maintenance Services For Condos in Toronto & GTA Area. Click Here To Book an Appointment Or Call us Now at (877) 749-7990 to Speak With a Live Agent. 


What is a Magic-Pak Heating and Cooling System and how does it work in a condo?

Image of a Magic-Pak Heating and Cooling SystemMagic-Pak is a self-contained heating and cooling systems. It is an ideal solution for multi-family and mixed-use designs.

This unit does require you to run one ducted outlet from the unit itself but the big advantage of it is that you do not have to run any ductwork outside the house or your condominium.

In addition, no external refrigerant lines & no outside condensing unit required. These units are individually controlled and operated.

If you need Magic-Pak installation & repair services, you are here at the place. We repair, service, replace & install all types of magic-pak units in Toronto & GTA condominiums.


Are You Looking To Replace Your Magic-Pak Unit in Toronto & GTA Area? Click Here To Book an Appointment Or Call us Now at (877) 749-7990 to Speak With a Live Agent. Get a Free Quote Now!


What is a Heat Pump and how does it work in a condo?

Image of a Condo Heat PumpWater source heat pump units often found in Toronto residential high rise and low rise condominiums. Every condo uses one main system in the building that operated and distribute cold & hot water throughout the plumbing infrastructure of the building to each individual apartment unit.

Heat pumps are also known as “Packaged Units” because they operated similar to Heating & Cooling HVAC systems in a single-family house, but they are centralized by the building. These individual HVAC units require regular maintenance annually.

Some Condominium managements have a set annual regular heat pump maintenance program with an HVAC contractor. At Home Trade Standards, we offer heat pumps regular preventative annual maintenance for condominium owners in Toronto & GTA. We also specialized in all condo heat pump repair or replacement services.

Are You Looking To Replace Your Heat Pump in Toronto & GTA?
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Annual HVAC Maintenance Programs For Condo Residence

Home Trade Standards offer an extensive Heat Pump & Fan Coil maintenance program for condominiums in Toronto & GTA area. Our clients are usually property managers, hotels, commercial buildings. It is recommended to have your HVAC system serviced prior to the heating and cooling seasons. Maintenance service includes a thorough cleaning of each unit, filter replacement, and lubrication of all necessary parts. Our technicians are trained and licensed to provide in-suite HVAC services for condos across Toronto & GTA.

Regular maintenance programs on in-suite units will increase the life span of HVAC systems. The quality of heating and cooling produced by your system is also significantly improved with annual service. We can also offer priority service & special rates to all customers enrolled in our maintenance programs.

Fan Coil Maintenance 

Fan Coil units can degrade over time. Here are some of the common issues we found during a fan coil maintenance check-up:

10 Steps Fan Coil Maintenance Checklist

Home Trade Standards deals with many condo owners and condo managements in low rise & high rise buildings to deliver the best Condo HVAC maintenance services across Toronto & GTA area. Here is the 10 steps maintenance checklist we go through during every fan coil maintenance appointment:

  1. Air Filter Replacement 
  2. Disassemble Cover 
  3. Vaccum The Entire System (Coil, Panel, Return Grill)
  4. Motor Bearing Inspection
  5. Mould Spray
  6. Water Temperature Test
  7. Test Fan Motor & Blower
  8. Test Thermostat Operation
  9. Test Actuator & Valve
  10. Remove HRV & Vaccum (if Any)

HVAC Financing Options For Condo Owners

Home Trade Standards is pleased to offer our customers financing options to condominium residents who seek to use our services. We understand that this can be an expensive project. That is why we are proud to offer flexible HVAC financing options to our clients in Toronto & GTA. Our financing program is fast, simple and secure. We do have high approval rates with flexible repayment plans.

Affordable monthly payments – with automated bank withdrawals to help reduce stress

Ask us today for more information.

Pro Tip: One of the common mistakes in Condos is blocking the grill door where your HVAC system is located. Remember, your HVAC system does not use the air from outside, and the air comes from inside to cool or heat your place. It’s a good idea to open your windows regularly and make sure to avoid blocking the grill door with your furniture.

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