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Condo HVAC Repair & Maintenance Services In Toronto & GTA Area

Home Trade Standards has a designated team that specialized in High Rise Condominium HVAC Services in Toronto and GTA core areas.  

We are Experts in All Condo HVAC Units such as Fan Coil, Heat Pump, Magic-Pak and PTAC Heating & Air Conditioning Systems you currently use. 

Here Is What Our Clients Call Us For:

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We have helped hundreds of clients including Condominium Corporations, LandlordsTenants & Property Managers who contact us from one season to another as part of our ongoing practices. We fully Guarantee Our Services for 1 Year For all Small & Big Projects. 

Currently, we offer a Comprehensive HVAC Maintenance Program to all Residential, Commercial & Industrial High Rise Buildings In Toronto & GTA Area. Our Technicians are Trained, Licensed & Insured to provide Annual Condo Heating & Air Conditioning Maintenance Services.


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Condominium Heating & Air Conditioning Services For Toronto & GTA High Rise Buildings

Every High rise Condo Building has a unique community, culture, and management policy in place. We understand that some In-Suit HVAC Systems are not part of the Common Elements in condominiums. Home Trade Standards provide Comprehensive Building & In-Suite HVAC Services for Toronto & GTA High Rise Condominiums. 

Home Trade Standards High Rise HVAC Services In a Nutshell:


  • High Rise Condo Heating and Cooling Operation Check-Up
  • High Rise Condo Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance Services
  • Condo Magic Pak Replacement & Service
  • Condo Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement
  • Condo Heating Systems Inspection
  • Condo Heat Pump Repair and Maintenance
  • Condo Fan Coil Repair and Maintenance
  • Condo Thermostat Replacement
  • Condo Magic-Pak Unit Installation & Replacement Services
  • Condo PTAC unit Repair & Installation Services
  • Condo HVAC Inspection
  • Condo HRV Maintenance & Repair
  • Condo ERV Maintenance & Repair
  • Condo Dryer Vent Repair & installation
  • Condo Heater Repair & Replacement 
  • Apartment Heat Pump Repair
  • Magic-Pak Repair & Maintenance Services
  • Vertical Stack Heat Pumps Repair & Maintenance & Installation
  • High Rise HVAC Replacement
  • Horizontal Heat Pump Repair & Maintenance & Installation
  • Residential & Commercial High Rise HVAC Inspection
  • Vertical Fan Coil Unit Repair, Maintenance & Installation
  • Horizontal Fan Coil Unit Repair & Maintenance
  • Blower Operation Check-Up and Maintenance
  • Blower Fan Repair and Replacement
  • Fan Coil Actuator Replacement
  • Filter Replacement and Clean-Up and Maintenance
  • Fan Coil Maintenance & Repair in Condos
  • Check Shut Off Valves
  • Water Source Heat Pump Service, Maintenance & Repair 
  • 2 Way or 3 Way Valve Cartridge & Actuator Replacement
  • Coil Control Board Replacement
  • Reversomatic Dryer & Booster Fan Repair & Replacement
  • Fan Coil Remediation & Retrofit Services
  • Water Quality Inspection For All Corrosion, Scale & Deposit 
  • Condo Chiller Maintenance & Repair Services
  • Condo Boiler Maintenance & Repair Services

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Which HVAC Manufactures Do We Service In Condos?

Home Trade Standards Provides Condo HVAC Repair, Maintenance, Upgrade & Installation Services for the following Fan Coil Units, Heat Pump, Magic Pak & PTAC Manufactures:

  • Whalen Heat Pumps ( Whalen VI-A, VI-B and VI-C Series) - ( Whalen VP-A, VP-B and VP-C Series) ( Whale WG & WA Series)
  • Omega Heat Pumps (OMEGA HRP - OMEGA VI - OMEGA VF - OMEGA HCA - OMEGA VSCS Series)
  • Daikin Water Source Heat Pumps (GCV Vertical & Horizontal Water Source Heat Pump Models)
  • Climatrol Heating & Air Conditioning (Vertical Water Source Heat Pump)
  • ClimateMaster Water Source Heat Pump
  • Mcquay Heat pumps
  • In-Suit HVAC
  • InnKeeper Vertical Stack Water Source Heat Pump
  • Waterfurnace 
  • Johnson Controls
  • Carrier Heat Pumps
  • Mammoth Heat Pumps
  • Napoleon Condo Pack
  • Magic Pak Gas & Electric Units
  • Reversomatic
  • Nepolean Condo Pack
  • Suburban PTAC
  • Unilux Vertical Fan Coil
  • Temspec Fan Coil
  • Climetec Fan Coil Unit
  • Tempspec Fan Coil Unit
  • Islandaire PTAC Units
  • Perfect Comfort PTAC
  • Applied Comfort PTAC
  • and we service many more!


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What is a Fan Coil Unit and How Does It Work Your Condo?

Condo-Fan-Coil-Repair-Manitenance-Toronto-Replacement-Unit-HVAC-Heating-Air Conditioning-SystemsFan Coils Units are one the most common heating & air conditioning systems often used in condominiums. In some buildings, these units are maintained by condo management but in others, it is the owner's responsibility for maintenance & repair in case of a sudden breakdown.

In the wintertime, these units get hot water supply from a central boiler in the building. The boiler supplies hot water to this unit and the fan blows across the coil of hot water and it streams warm air throughout your unit. In the summertime, it changes around and the building supply chilled water via the central chiller system. The incoming chilled water will pass through the coil inside fan coil system in order to cool down the ambient temperature as it passes through the coil via blower fan assembly. 

In the transitioning times between seasons, it is quite possible that you may have no heat or cool air if your building has not fully switched to heating or cooling. Click Here To Learn More About Fan Coil Systems.

Fan Coil Repair & Maintenance Services

Home Trade Standards Provides Fan Coil Repair & Maintenance Services For Condos Highrise Buildings in Toronto & GTA Area. Our Technicians are factory trained, insured and licensed to do the work at your place of residence.

Common Condo Fan Coil Repair Services

Most Condo Fan Coil Systems use a simple design for maintenance and repair purposes. Actuator failure, blower fan noise and valve wear & tear are 3 common fan coil problems when we speak to our clients at Home Trade Standards

Another common issue with Fan Coil systems is Fan Coil freezing. Read more about a recent story about Fan Coil Freezing & Flood Hazard In Toronto Condominiums.

How Often Do You Need a Fan Coil Unit Maintenance In Your Condominium?

Some Condominium managements have a set regular Fan Coil Unit Maintenance Program every year before winter and summer season. If your building does not offer a regular maintenance program, you can always count on us. At Home Trade Standards, we offer Fan Coil Maintenance Programs for condominium owners in Toronto & GTA.

Fan Coil Retrofit & Installation Services For High Rise Buildings

At Home Trade Standards, we offer Fan Coil Unit Retrofit & Installation Services. We work closely with Unilux VFC who offers Vertical Fan Coil Replacement Solutions to buildings across Canada. Unilux Fan Coil's new ECM motor technology along with the simple design can guarantee energy savings on every Fan Coil Replacement project.

How Long Does a New Fan Coil Replacement & Retrofit Take?

A Complete Fan Coil Unit Retrofit & Replacement takes around 8 hours.

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What is a Magic-Pak Heating and Cooling System?

Condo-Magic Pak-Gas-Electric-Package-Heating-Air Conditioner-HVAC-Unit-Toronto-High-Rise-Installation-Replacement-Repair-MaintenanceMagic-Pak is a self-contained heating and cooling systems. It is an ideal solution for multi-family and mixed-use designs. These Units come in gas and electric models. 

How Does a Magic Pack System work In a Condo?

A Magic Pak Unit runs on a ducted outlet from the unit itself but the big advantage of this unit is that you do not have to run any ductwork outside the house or your condominium.

In addition, no external refrigerant lines & no outside condensing unit required. These units are individually controlled and operated. Gas Magic Pak Systems are common units in older Toronto & North York Condominiums. 

Magic Pak Repair & Maintenance Services

Are you looking for Magic Pak Repair & Maintenance Services For your Condo? Our technicians are fully licensed & insured to troubleshoot your systems in case you notice malfunction with day to day operation of your Magic Pak system.

Magic Pak Installation & Replacement Services

If you are looking to install a new Magic Pak or replace the old one, you are here at the place. Home Trade Standards provides Installation & Replacement Services for all types of Magic Pak Units in Toronto & GTA condominiums. The Most Common Magic Pak Systems are HWC Series. They come In 1 Ton, 1.5 TON, 2 TON & 2. TON Models.  Click Here To Learn More

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What is a Water Source Heat Pump in Condos?

Condo Water Source Heat Pump is one of the common HVAC systems in Toronto residential condominiums high rise buildings. These HVAC units use water as a medium to transfer heat from one medium to another. Water Source Heat Pump systems absorb heat from the water when heating mode and dissipate heat to water when cooling needed. They are one of the most common Heating & Air Conditioning Systems in High Rise CondominiumsWater Source Heat Pumps consist of mechanical & electrical components. These in-suite HVAC Systems can provide you with heating and cooling all year round and require regular maintenance annually.

How Does a Water Source Heat Pump Work In High Rise Condos?

Condo-Heat-Pump-Whalen-OMEGA-Skymark-Heating-Air Conditioner-Unit-Toronto-High-Rise-HVAC-Installation-Replacement-Repair-Maintenance-Home-Trade-StandardsWhat makes Water Source Heat Pumps unique from other types of heat pump and air conditioning units is the reversibility to switch from heat or cool at any anytime during the cycle of operation. In these types of heat pump systems, the reversing valve triggers the compressor to discharge the refrigerant to the water heat exchanger for cooling and the refrigerant to air heat exchanger for heating. 

Water Source Heat Pump Repair & Maintenance Services

Water Source Heat Pump Repair & Maintenance is one of our professional In-Suite Apartment HVAC Services in Toronto high rise condo buildings. Some Condominium managements have a set annual regular Heat Pump Maintenance Program with a Building HVAC contractor. At Home Trade Standards, we offer Professional In-suite Condo Heat Pumps Annual Maintenance Services for condominium owners in Toronto & GTA. We also specialized in all Condo Water Source Heat Pump Mechanical Repair & Troubleshooting. We have a designated shop for testing and troubleshooting all types of Water Source Heat Pumps. OMEGA & Whelan Water Source Heat Pumps are the most common heat pumps in Toronto Condominiums. Our Heat Pump repair center can repair all make and models such as Omega, Daikin, Carrier, ClimateMaster & Whalen Heat Pump Systems. 

5 Common Water Source Heat Pump Problems In Condominiums

  1. Condo Heat Pumps can break down often due to the building's lack of HVAC and plumbing maintenance. 
  2. Capacitor Failures 
  3. Actuator Failure
  4. Compressor Break Down
  5. Low Refrigerant Level & Leak In The System

Condo Heat Pump Installation Services In Toronto High Rise Apartments

Home Trade Standards provides Water Source Heat Pump Installation Services for Condo owners in Toronto & GTA Area. Our services include Removal, Disposal, Delivery, and Installation of the old and the new Heat Pump System. Our staff and technicians will walk you step by step to facilitate the replacement process from beginning to end.

What Heat Pump Manufactures Do We Repair & Service In Condo Buildings?

Home Trade Standards offers professional Heat Pump Repair & Maintenance Service For Condo Buildings in Toronto & Across GTA area. Our technicians have a working knowledge of repairing both Vertical & Horizontal Heat Pump Systems in your condo.

Here are some of the major Water Source Heat Pump Manufacturers we service:

  1. Whalen (VI, VP, and WG)
  2. Omega (VI, HRP, VF, JCI)
  3. Mammoth
  4. Daikin (GCV Water Source Heat Pump)
  5. Carrier 
  6. ClimateMaster
  7. Skymark International (VSCH, VSCB, VB)
  8. Johnson Control (JCI)

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OMEGA Heat Pump Authorized Installers

Home Trade Standards is an authorized distributor and installation company for all OMEGA & Daikin Heat Pump product line. To get a replacement quotation for your condo, please contact us directly to get more information. 

What is the PTAC Unit?

Condo-PTAC-UNIT-Heating-Air Conditioner-HVAC-Toronto-High-Rise-Installation-Replacement-Repair-Maintenance-Islandaire-Perfect-Comfort-Applied ComfortPTAC Units or Package Terminal Air Conditioner are single commercial heating and air conditioning units often seen in residential highrise condominiums and commercial buildings such as hotels, motels, and retirement homes. Home Trade Standards has working knowledge in servicing these units and we provide Repair & Maintenance Services For in-suite Condo PTAC Units throughout Toronto & GTA Area.

Condo PTAC Unit Installation Services

Home Trade Standards is partnered with many major PTAC Unit Manufacturers & Brand Names in the market. We proudly offer the most affordable PTAC Replacement & Installation Services for the following brands in Toronto & GTA Area.

  • Islandaire
  • Carrier
  • Chrysler
  • Perfect Comfort
  • Applied Comfort
  • LG PTAC Units
  • GE Appliance
  • Enersaver
  • Keeprite
  • McQuay
  • Singer
  • Zoneaire

What Is The Difference Between Non-inverter & Inverter PTAC Units?

Non-inverter PTAC runs the compressor at full RPM capacity. Compressor cycles when it comes to ON & OFF. Hence, it wastes substantial amounts of electric power which leads to consuming more energy.

Inverter PTAC reduces the compressor RPM cycle in order to increase the heating and cooling efficiency rating required for power consumption.

PTAC Warranty:

At Home Trade Standards, we provide at least 1 year part labour warranty on all PTAC installations. In addition, Most PTAC Units come with a 6-year compressor warranty and 1 year limited part.

5 PTAC Unit Maintenance & Troubleshooting Tips

If you are experiencing problems with your PTAC units, please consider checking the following to ensure the longevity of your unit:

  1. Check your circuit breaker to ensure the power is still ON
  2. Plug out and Plug the unit back in again
  3. Change the filters regularly.
  4. Ensure the return air grille is not blocked
  5. Make sure the coil is clean otherwise the unit will consume more energy and debris block the airflow.

PTAC Repair & Maintenance Services

Home Trade Standards provide PTAC Unit Repair & Maintenance Services for Toronto & GTA Condominiums, Hotel Owners, Schools & Retirement Facilities.

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Annual Heat Pump & Fan Coil Maintenance In High Rise Condo Buildings

Home Trade Standards offer an extensive Heat Pump & Fan Coil Maintenance Program for condominiums in Toronto & GTA area. Our clients are usually property managers, hotels, commercial buildings. It is recommended to have your HVAC system serviced prior to the heating and cooling seasons. Condo HVAC Maintenance Services includes a thorough cleaning of each in-suite HVAC unit, filter replacement, and lubrication of all necessary parts. Our technicians are trained and licensed to provide in-suite HVAC services for condos across Toronto & GTA.

Regular maintenance programs on in-suite units will increase the life span of HVAC systems. The quality of heating and cooling produced by your system is also significantly improved with the annual HVAC service. We can also offer priority service & special rates to all customers enrolled in our maintenance programs.

Read Our Recent Articles About Noisy HVAC System In Toronto Condominiums. Toronto Condo Owners Frequently Asked Question.  

Condo Fan Coil Maintenance

Annual Fan Coil Maintenance is typically arranged and coordinated through a property management company in your condominium. Although the Condo Fan Coil system consists of a few basic components to operate, annual fan coil maintenance is essential to prevent a sudden breakdown during the coldest or hottest days of the year. Condo Fan Coil units deteriorate over time. Here are 6 Common Fan Coil Problems We Noticed During Annual Fan Coil Maintenance Check-up:

  1. Clogged Coil Condition
  2. Fan Motor inefficiency & Balance Due to Wear & Tear
  3. Rust Inside The Fan Coil System Due To Improper Condensation
  4. Fan Coil Units Mould Growth
  5. Dirty & Clogged Filters
  6. Draine Condensation & Leak Test

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Condo HVAC Maintenance Could Be Canceled or Delayed Due to COVID-19 In 2021

For the safety of building residents and staff, your Condo Annual HVAC Maintenance may be postponed or delayed due to Covid during 2020 & 2021. This means that it would be the owner's responsibility to hire a Heating & Air Conditioning Specialists in case of an emergency break down. You can also schedule an appointment for regular maintenance if you believe that your HVAC system requires maintenance services prior to the next season. 

Condo Fan Coil Maintenance - 10 Steps Checklist

Here is the 10 steps maintenance checklist we go through during the Annual Condo Fan Coil Maintenance:

  1. Air Filter Replacement
  2. Disassemble Cover
  3. Vaccum The Entire System (Coil, Panel, Return Grill)
  4. Motor Bearing Inspection
  5. Mould Spray
  6. Water Temperature Test
  7. Test Fan Motor & Blower
  8. Test Thermostat Operation
  9. Test Actuator & Valve
  10. Remove HRV & Vaccum (if Any) 

Condo HVAC Financing Options For Homeowners

Home Trade Standards is pleased to offer our customers financing options to condominium residents who seek to use our services. We understand that this can be an expensive project. That is why we are proud to offer flexible HVAC financing options to our clients in Toronto & GTA. Our financing program is fast, simple and secure. We do have high approval rates with flexible repayment plans.

Affordable monthly payments – with automated bank withdrawals to help reduce stress

  • Flexible payment terms from 12 to 180 months
  • Deferred payment or No payments for up to 12 months
  • Equal payment plans
  • High approval amounts up to $25,000
  • Low minimum transaction size – as low as $1,000
  • Lump-sum payments | open loan program
  • Early payout option – pay off your principal at any time
  • Competitive interest rates starting from 8.99% – to help you manage your budget
  • Minimize large upfront costs.

Ask us today for more information.

Pro Tip: One of the common mistakes in condos is blocking the grill door where your HVAC system is located. Remember, your HVAC system does not use the air from outside, and the air comes from inside to cool or heat your place. It’s a good idea to open your windows regularly and make sure to avoid blocking the grill door with your furniture.

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Our Service Coverage Areas:

Condo HVAC Services in Toronto GTA Service Area - Home Trade Standards

  • GTA (Greater Toronto Area)
  • Toronto
  • Mississauga
  • Downtown Toronto
  • Markham
  • Aurora
  • New Market
  • North York
  • Scarborough
  • Mississauga
  • Ajax
  • Pickering
  • Thornhill
  • Richmond Hill
  • Vaughan
  • Woodbridge
  • Etobicoke
  • East York
  • York
  • Concord

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