All You Need To Know About Fan Coil Replacement – Before & After

If you’re currently scheduled for a fan coil retrofit project, here is how you can prepare before & after the work is completed.

  1. Book the service elevator for the day of installation.
  2. Ensure there is a minimum of 6 ft or 2 Metres clearance around the fan coil area. Our technicians will use different tools, materials & equipment during the removal & installation process. We advise you to give us as much space as possible for smooth travel, delivery, removal & replacement procedures. 
  3. The drywall & floor covering will be covered to protect the area around the fan coil unit. We use plastic & floor cover sheets to ensure no damage occurs during the replacement process.
  4. Fan Coil replacement has a specific procedure to ensure all the parts & materials are correctly installed. During each step, there are safety protocols & procedures to ensure proper installation. We advise not to interrupt or distract technicians until the work is completed.
  5. Once the work is completed, we will always provide you with manufacturer brochures, documents and related literature regarding your newly installed equipment. 
  6. Our administration team will register the warranty on your behalf via Fan coil manufacturer’s website. You will receive an email confirmation regarding your warranty confirmation. 
  7. Our technicians will walk you through the new thermostat operation. We always test the temperature & airflow to ensure best practices before leaving your condo. 
  8. You may be experiencing a plastic smell in the first few hours of running your newly installed system. The smell typically disappears after a short period once the air is fully recirculated in your suite. 
  9. Every newly installed fan coil comes with 1 brand-new pleated filter. If you need extra filters, we can create a new purchase order for you and have it delivered at your earliest convenience. 
  10. Ensure there is a gap between the thermostat and the TV or lamps. Close proximity to a hot object can cause problems with the accuracy of the displayed temperature on the thermostat 
  11. Please don’t block the access panel door with your furniture. Low return airflow can cause fan coil ventilation & air circulation problems.

No More Unwanted Repair Costs. Newly Installed Fan Coil Units Come With At Least 2 Years of Complete Part & Labour For All Stationery & Moving Components.

What You Get After Fan Coil Retrofit Is Completed

  • The entire cabinet interior insulation and all old components, including coil, actuator, motor, blower housing assembly, drain pan & electronics, will be removed & replaced with brand-new parts & durable plumbing material. 
  • Brand New Supply & Return 1/2 “ Safety shut-off valves will be installed (If it is not corporation responsibility*)
  • New energy-efficient motor ECM Variable Speed Technology will be installed for energy saving & lower noise levels.
  • A new 24V Suite Pro Digital Honeywell Thermostat will be installed at the exact location of your previous thermostat.
  • Optional items such as Access Panel Doors & Grilles With Dampers can be installed upon request. 
  • New electronics & wiring allow Smart Thermostat Compatibility as an added feature to your new system. If you are interested in NEST or Ecobee products, please feel free to ask us to bring you a suitable model. In addition, we can install and provide training upon request. 
  • Better Air Flow & Air Circulation Throughout your condo. 
  • Get a new status certificate from your property manager. You can now claim a newly installed fan coil system on your status certificate. This will distinguish your suit from your neighbours for potential future or existing buyers.

*Although In-Suite Fan Coil Units often belong to individual homeowners, the shut-off valves could sometimes be part of the common elements. Please review your condo bylaws agreement for more information before asking your contractor to replace them.

Our Mission is To Ensure Another 20 Years Of Excellent Operation With Your Newly Installed Fan Coil System

Maintenance For Newly Installed Fan Coil Units

Just like any mechanical & electrical systems, fan coils also require attention on a seasonal basis. Most Property managers in Toronto & GTA arrange semi-annual or annual maintenance to clean your fan coil units. Your new fan coil retrofit system should be cleaned by the building’s designated contractor at least once or twice a year before summer and winter.

We recommend being proactive and replacing the filter at the start of each season to ensure the best air quality & performance. If the building management company does not maintain your fan coil, then the fan coil manufacturer can refuse to accept warranty calls due to a lack of essential maintenance. Could you ask us about our annual maintenance programs for your building?

Fan Coil Payments & Deposits

Home Trade Standards ask for a 50% deposit before & 50% once the work is completed. We accept cheques, debit, credit cards, e-transfers & money orders as forms of payment. Please note that all credit card payments would be a 3% surcharge. All payments & transactions can be made via our online payment processing applications. You can alternatively use cheques, money orders & cash payments. Your designated account manager will send an email receipt once the payment is received at our office within 24 hours of receiving the payment.

If you require a paper invoice, please bring us a printed bill of sale on the day of the installation.

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