When Do Condos Turn On Air Conditioning?

With the warmer weather approaching in April & May, most condo buildings with fan coil unit turn off the building central boiler system. At this time, you may not have heating or cooling. Normally building management post public announcement in the building common area to notify residents about switch over dates. Once the building chiller & cooling tower is turned on, you may then start using air conditioning setting on your thermostat.

If you use a fan coil or heat pump system, you can always reach out to the building management or board members to find out more about your building switch over schedule. Some buildings do not do the change over until early June. If your suite is facing south or towards the sun, you maybe experiencing hotter days during afternoon. You can do the following to avoid inconvenience.

  1. Try to leave the windows open during the hot hours
  2. Close your blinds to avoid excessive sunlight
  3. Only turn on the fan in your HVAC system.

Home Trade Standards helps condominium property managers and condo owners with the switchover from heating to air conditioning in the summer months. Our Team offers summer annual maintenance program to individual owners & property managers until August 31st, 2022.

Annual Condo HVAC Maintenance allows us to find all the deficiencies associated with the Heating components before they become more visible when you need your system the most. 
For all emergency fan coil repair, annual maintenance, replacement & retrofit services in Toronto & GTA, Please kindly contact us directly to make further arrangements. 

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