Why Is a Bad Smell Coming Out of My Condo HVAC System?

A Man Plugging His Nose Because of Bad Smelling HVAC

Do you smell musty in your home? Bad odour is one of the most reported problems by condo residents.

This is mainly due to the lack of HVAC maintenance in your condo suite.

Filter replacement isn’t only enough to have perfect indoor air quality. During the summer months, condensation causes a lot of moisture & water inside the fan coil or heat pump cabinets. If the drain pan is clogged or partially slow to drain, the stale water will stay in the drain pan. Due to bacterial activity, the water inside the drain can create a rotten smell in your condo. The bacteria can produce a gas that smells like rotten eggs or sewage inside your in-suite HVAC cabinet. Ultimately, the blower fan motor mixes the fresh air with the air inside the fan coil drain cabinet & distributes it in your home through the registers & vents. and there we go, bad smell again!

How Can I Get Rid of The Bad Smell In My Condo?

Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance In Condos

It’s important to have a plumber or HVAC technician complete annual maintenance on the air conditioning system in your condo. Our recommendation is to complete annual maintenance prior to summer to mitigate this problem in advance.

If you’re currently experiencing a bad odour in your condo, start by inspecting the drain bottom of the cabinet. You may need tools to open and see inside your system. Unclogging the drain pan can be done using air pumps & flushing water into the drain pan.

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