What Are The Best Heat Pumps For Condos? – Toronto & GTA

Many clients often call us to ask what is the best heat pump for my condo?. As a condo heating & air conditioning service provider our mission is to provide the best HVAC solutions when people call us for recommendations. In a condo environment, we are restricted by the building requirement, space, compatibility and liability issues. Therefore, we may only have a few choices when it comes to selecting a replacement heat pump chassis for your condo.

Here we can briefly elaborate on each limitation.

Building Requirement

Although condo water source heat pump units are individual standing HVAC systems, they are connected to the building’s common elements Plumbing, Boiler, Cooling Tower, and Heat Exchangers Pumps. Each heat pump is designed to operate within a certain water temperature & flow range. Low or inadequate water flow or temperature can result in heat pump malfunction such as intermediate shutdowns & resets. Therefore, replacing your heat pump with another manufacturer may not be always a good idea since your building has specific designs and requirements for each apartment.

Condo Heat Pump Cabinet Assembly View OMEGA, Whalen, Skymark, Enerzone, HRP, Climatemaster Cabinet.
Condo Heat Pump Cabinet Assembly View


Cabinet Space

Condo heat pumps are located in a tight cabinet space inside the wall cavity. These HVAC systems come in different dimensions & design specifications. There are various types of heat pump manufacturers in the market, but not all of them have the same specs, design and dimensions. Therefore, we have a limitation of space when trying to replace an existing heat pump with a newer model. 


Condo heat pumps consist of mechanical & electrical components. When replacing a heat pump you only need to replace the mechanical compartment (Chassis) not the electrical (circuit board). Therefore, it is best to always replace your heat pump with the same manufacturer to avoid further compatibility issues in the future. Please keep that in mind, replacing a circuit board may increase the costs of parts & labour. 

Liability Issues 

There are a lot of unknown brands and custom manufacturers in the market. Living in a condo comes with a lot of liability towards your neighbours and suites below & above you. Condo heat pumps can cause floods, leaks and unwanted noise if they are not designed or installed properly. We only recommend installing reputable manufacturers with proper track records to avoid future downtime and liability problems. 

Condo Heat Pump Replacement Process In Toronto (Basic Installation)
Condo Heat Pump Replacement Process In Toronto (Basic Installation)

What are the best heat pumps for condos?

If you are currently looking to replace your existing condo heat pump units. We recommend the following manufacturers. Please note that you must follow your condo requirement before selecting any of these systems. Not all of the following manufacturers are compatible with one another. 

Omega Heat Pumps

Omega Heat Pumps are #1 HVAC solution for residential and commercial water source heat pump applications. Omega replacement heat pump chassis are dimensionally identical to many different manufacturers. They designed and built the chassis according to the requirement of many buildings in North America. Due to the simplicity of design Omega is the preferred choice for a simple and easy installation. All OMEGA heat pump systems come with 1 year part & labour as well as 5-year compressor warranty. Omega offers the most affordable heat pump solutions in Toronto & GTA.  If you have one of the following heat pump systems Omega Heat Pump Chassis can be used for replacement: 

  1. Whalen Vi & VP Series
  2. Enerzone HRP Series
  3. Johnson Control VSCS
  4. Skymark Heat Pump
  5. Climatemaster HCA Series
  6. OMEGA HRP Series
  7. OMEGA RPC Series
  8. Aquatherm Heat Pumps
  9. Unilux Heat Pumps
Condo Heat Pump Heating & Air Conditioning Operation
Condo Heat Pump Heating & Air Conditioning Operation

How much does it cost to install an OMEGA Heat Pump Chassis?

Omega Heat Pump Chassis can cost you between $3000 to $5500. 

Whalen Company Heat Pumps

Whalen Heat Pumps are one of the older heat pump systems on the market. They have a track record of over 25 years in the condo space. Whalen Company offers quality and reliable water source heat pumps to low-rise and high-rise buildings. The installation and replacement process is quite simple. The warranty is 1 Year Part & Labour. These heat pumps are available from 0.5 TON to 2.5 TON Chassis. 

Whalen Heat Pump Chassis are the perfect solution to replace the old

  1. Whalen Heat Pump Vi & VP Seris 
  2. OMEGA Vi Series

Whalen Heat Pump Installation 

Whalen Heat Pumps are known for their simplicity and easy installation process. Here is a 6 steps guide to install a Whalen heat pump chassis. 

Daikin Water Source Heat Pumps 

Water Source Heat Pump Condo Toronto
Water Source Heat Pump Condo Toronto

Daikin Vertical Water Source Heat Pumps (WSHPs) are perfect solutions for residential high-rise condominiums as well as light commercial HVAC applications. Daikin offers inexpensive energy-efficient solutions for existing old vertical water source heat pumps. Although they are small in size they have high-performance abilities with advanced control options. EC motors, adjustable airflow settings, dehumidification, and waterside economizers are just several major examples of high-performing features of this equipment. Daikin GCV Series offers one of the best water source heat pump systems in the Toronto high-rise market. Daikin Heat Pump Systems are efficient and low-cost in operation.

They also come in two different configurations: 1. Horizontal 2. Vertical. 

They are the most reliable replacement options currently available in the market. Daikin offers 1 Year of Part & Labour as well as up to 5-year compressor warranty.

Daikin (WSHPs) Water Source Heat Pump System is a Perfect Replacement System For  the following Water Source Heat Pump Units in Condo & Multi-Residential Apartments: 

  1. Carrier
  2. Climatemaster
  3. Trane
  4. McQuay
  5. WaterFurnace
  6. Johnson Control

How much does it cost to install a New Daikin Water Source Heat Pump?

For residential apartments, Daikin Water Source Heat Pumps installation can cost between $6000 To $10,000 for vertical applications and between 8,000 to 13,000 for horizontal applications. Taxes are not included.