3 Reasons Why Condo HVAC Not Working & How To Fix It

A man speaking with an HVAC technician because his Condo HVAC is not working

Is your condo HVAC no working?

Did you know that condo residents are for mostly all in-suite heating & air conditioning issues in low rise and high rise condos in Toronto & GTA?

We understand that it could be frustrating to have problems with your condo heating unit when you need them the most during the coldest times of the year. Especially when it’s hard to find the right HVAC Technician to fix the problem. Sometimes the problem is simpler than what it looks like. Therefore, we recommend trying the following before calling a Condo HVAC Technician

Here are the 3 common solutions to fix your condo heating & Air Conditioner system without calling a technician:

1. Reset Your System From the Electrical Breaker Panel Box


The breaker panel controls all the power distribution in your home. It is typically labelled as “Furnace” “Air Conditioner” “Heating” “HVAC” “Heat Pump” “PTAC” or “Fan Coil“. Once you find out which breaker switch belongs to your HVAC unit then flip the switch off and ON after a few seconds. This will allow your HVAC system to reboot itself. 

NOTE: Sometimesthere could be a time delay on the thermostat. Please allow at least 20 minutes before you test the heating again. 

How Do I Test? Just a simple check. Put the thermostat on the heating mode. Change the 80F 27 Celsius. After 20 minutes, Hold your hands close to the air vents to feel the airflow and temperature of the system.

2. Make Sure the Filter Isn’t Dirty

Dirty filters restrict air circulation throughout your home. Hence, the system will high pressure on restricted air circulation & ultimately cut off the power to protect itself from overheating. If you have a fan coil system, you could burn your fan motor.

Condo Dirty Filter

3. Check Your Building Common Area For An Emergency Notice

Building managements or superintendents often post emergency announcements in the common areas of the buildings such as lobby or elevator to let the residents know about any upcoming central HVAC shut down due to Emergency, maintenance, or annual switch over from heating to cooling or cooling to heating.

Some In-suite HVAC systems are connected to the building central pump, boiler & chiller systems. If your building HVAC or plumbing system experience malfunction due to mechanical problems, then your in-suite HVAC system can be affected until this problem is fully addressed. 

Please contact a Condo HVAC Specialists to determine if this is a building issue or an in-suite HVAC problem.

Can I Use My Condo Heating & Air Conditioning All Year Around?

1. If you have a 2-Pipe Fan Coil System, you can either use heating or cooling at one time. Most buildings switch to air conditioning sometimes in May & June and Switch to heating in September & October. Learn more about 2 pipes versus 4 pipes fan coil here.

2. Water source heat pump systems are connected to independent water loops in the building. The water is responsible to keep the compressor from overheating in summer or regulate the compressor from freezing in the wintertime. If the water temperature or water flow level fluctuates, your system automatically shuts down to protect the compressor from complete failures. 

3. If You own a Condo Pack or Magic Pak Unit, can use Heating & Air Conditioning all year around. 

4. If you own a PTAC unit, you can also use Heating & Air Conditioning All Year Around.

6 Common Condo HVAC Problems:


  1. No Heating or Air Conditioning 
  2. In-sufficient Airflow or No AirFlow
  3. Banging Sound or Noise Problems
  4. Water Leak or Flood In The Suite 
  5. Bad Musty Smell or Burning Smell From The HVAC System
  6. Digital Thermostat is Not Connected or Display Nothing on The Screen 


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