What’s The Best HVAC System For My Condo?

If you live in a condo with an old or Broken HVAC system & wondering what is the best Condo HVAC replacement for your current unit, this article is for you! 

As Toronto Condo Buildings get older, residents start to face the frequency of visits with their existing heating & air conditioning systems. The first step to select the best in-suite HVAC system for your condo is to identify what kind of system you’re currently using in your apartment. 

Most Condos In Toronto Use One of The Following 6 HVAC Systems:

1. Water Source Heat Pump

2. Fan Coil Unit

3. Magic Pak/Condo Pack

4. PTAC Unit

5. High-Velocity Air Handler

Note: If you’re new to this, you can learn about all these systems in this video (Click Here) or visit our condo Heating systems Page (Click Here). 

Not Sure Which HVAC System Is Best For Your Condo?

Best Condo Heat Pumps In Toornto
Best Condo HVAC Services In Toronto

Another way to find out is to find the sticker model number on your current system. Every HVAC system must have a sticker that indicates the model & a serial number of the system. Once you are able to locate it, you can search the model number on Google and the manufacturer information will show up. This way you can learn more about the specifications of your current system. 

What Is The Best Replacement Solution For Your Existing Condo HVAC System?

I’ve seen many people ask this question during the purchase process. The answer is due to specific design requirements in a condo space, residents can not select different system types when it comes to replacing the existing in-suite system. For example, you can not replace a water source heat pump in a condo with a fan coil unit or vice versa. Therefore, you’re limited to using the same types of systems. 

In addition, if your condo building was designed to use a certain manufacturer, we recommend going with the same manufacturer’s system when it comes to replacing the existing unit. After all, if your existing system worked for a long time and kept you happy, the new system will also leave a positive experience after the replacement. 

When it comes to using a different manufacturer, make sure the new manufacturer offers the same specifications as your existing units. Many times customers ask to upsize or downsize the existing systems hoping that they would get a better output quality of their new system, but the fact is that in a condo space we do not have too many choices to select from. For example, if you are planning to replace your condo heat pump system, you may have one or two options at best. Also, you should always consider using the same tonnage and BTU capacity for your new system. Upsizing capacity will increase the dimension or size of the unit. This ultimately will cause problems during the installation process & it may not be compatible with your application.

Not Sure About What System Is Best For Your Condo?

In other systems like Magic Pak or High Velocity Air Handlers Upsizing can cause excess noise in your condo. After all, selecting the right system for your condo should be done through a qualified condo HVAC company. Unfortunately, in many cases homeowners are left with limited choices. 

Lastly, Home Trade Standards has working experience servicing, installing, retrofitting HVAC systems in many low rise & high rise condos in Toronto.If you own a residential & commercial unit and looking to upgrade or replace your existing system, contact us today to get a second opinion. 

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