How To Tender Your Building Fan Coil or Heat Pump Projects?

Many property managers struggle with older In-Suite HVAC systems once they pass the expected life expectancy. Whether you are looking to do annual/semi annual maintenance or building a wide HVAC retrofit project, the board of directors will need to have a proper tendering process to select the right contractor for your building. Here we outlined a few best practices to ensure best results for your building.

“With the rising cost of condo fees and insurance in 2022, we want to ensure best maintenance practices to avoid other implications in the buildings. This checklist will help you to make more informed decisions in your hiring process”

1. Gather a complete equipment list for your building:

  • Bidders must be aware of the number of equipment & assets in your building. If the list isn’t provided, contractor’s tender documents are going to be inconsistent & inaccurate.
  • You can consult with your building’s current engineer to ensure all the data is correct.

2. Coordinate a Site Inspection or Building Walk Through For Bidders

  • Mandatory site walks should be arranged to all participants in order to see the existing systems & verify all the site pre-existing conditions prior to bidding on the project. 
  • Site survey will allow consulting engineers & building managers to add additional addendum in case additional requirements and details must be added to the tender.

3. Break Down Scope of Work To Have a Clear Pricing For Each Task

  • The tender forms should allow the bidder to provide a breakdown of the bid price. Define & Break down all the project’s requirements for individual tasks. Ask the bidders to provide pricing for individual line items to complete each duty.
  • Identify all the inclusionsexclusions & optional services required whether you need comprehensive or preventative maintenance agreement.  Regardless of the type of agreement, define what assets & equipment within each task are required to be serviced. This will reduce the risks and future costs for the corporation. As a result, the awarded contractors will provide best maintenance to avoid clawbacks.

4. Ask For Equipment Delivery & Total Construction Timeline

  • Bidders shall confirm that they will complete the Project in accordance with the required milestone dates or shall provide alternative dates.
  • The tender documents should also confirm the model number of the equipment to be supplied for the project, as well as the anticipated delivery dates.

Last word: Poor Workmanship May Result In Other Implications In Your Building

  • Heat pump & fan coil units are sensitive systems. Lack of proper maintenance can cause unwanted water damage to one or multiple suite owners at the same time. With the rising cost of condo fees and insurance in 2022, we want to ensure best maintenance practices & due diligence to avoid other implications in the buildings. 

We help property managers create or revise existing tenders. Need Help? Let Us Create a Safe Environment For Your Building. My contact information is below if you need further information. Alternatively, click here to request for a call back.

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