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Condo Heat Pump Repair, Maintenance & Installation Services In Toronto

Home Trade Standards provides Condominium Heat Pump Repair, Maintenance & Installation Services to condo owners and building managers in Toronto & GTA High Rise Buildings. Condo Water Source Heat Pumps are not part of common heating & cooling elements in most condominiums. Hence, it is the individual owner's responsibility to arrange an Emergency Repair in case of a sudden breakdown during Heating & Air Conditioning Seasons. If You have a problem with your Condo Heat Pump Air Conditioning or Heating Operation, then you here at the right place. Home Trade Standards have the expertise to repair or install vertical and horizontal heat pump systems in condominiums.


Our Condo Heat Pump Service Experts are Insured & Certified to do the following Heat Pump Services in Toronto high rise buildings:


How Does a Heat Pump Work In Your Condo?

Condo Water Source Heat Pump systems utilize R-410 Refrigerant to provide heating and air conditioning through the evaporation and condensation process. Unlike the residential air source heat pump, a Water Source Heat Pump condenser does not need to be installed outdoors. They are also more efficient than air-source heat pumps because they are extracting heat from water that is supplied from the building mechanical room 24/7. The water loops inside the unit work as a medium to cool down or prevent the unit from freezing during the refrigeration cycle. Condominiums must maintain the temperature of the water supply between 60 F to 90 F as per the heat pump manufacturer requirement. When water falls below this temperature, the unit automatically shuts off until the temperature is back to the standard range again. 

What makes Water Source Heat Pumps unique from other types of heat pump and air conditioning units is the reversibility to switch from heat or cool at any anytime during the cycle of operation. In these types of heat pump systems, the reversing valve triggers the compressor to discharge the refrigerant to the water heat exchanger for cooling and the refrigerant to air heat exchanger for heating.Condo-Heat-Pump-Component-Chassis-installation-Board-Whalen-OMEGA-Toronto-GTA

Notes: The water requirement temperature in the building closed-loop system must be 60 F to 90 F for proper water source heat pump operation. 

In the mechanical room, the boiler and the chiller work as a central plant to supply hot and cold water through buildings a closed-loop system. This allows high rise buildings to save on energy in the intermediate seasons by creating an equilibrium between a resident who uses heating and the residents who use coolings in order to maintain the temperature requirement with the building water closed-loop system. 

Whalen Heat Pump Replacement & Installation

OMEGA and WHALEN Heat Pump Systems are the most common water source heat pump systems in high rise Condominium units in Toronto & GTA area. Home Trade Standards offer complete heating & air conditioning services on WHALEN & OMEGA Heat Pump Systems in Condo Buildings. If You have an existing Whalen or OMEGA Heat Pump systems, simply call us today to get a replacement quotation. 

When Is The Right Time To Replace Your Condo Heat pump?

The answer to this question is combined with the following question, How many times a year does your building personnel do maintenance in your unit and most importantly in the central HVAC & plumbing systems of the building. Lack of in-suite maintenance in condominiums and central boiler and chiller systems are the number one reason for sudden HVAC failure in condos. Condo Heat Pump compressors are the main component of the unit. Due to the high costs of compressor repair & replacement, we advise our clients to replace their entire unit when your unit fails to operate due to compressor malfunction. 

Heat Pump Warranty In Condominiums

Most Condominium Heat Pump Manufacturers offer a standard 1 Year Manufacturer Part Warranty on all New Building & Retrofit Installation Across Ontario. Depending on Manufacture and your building contractor's reputation, this number may vary. At Home Trade Standards, we offer 1 Year Full Labour Warranty on All Water Source Heat Pump Installations. All work insure and done by experienced technicians. To learn about our Heat Pump extended warranty program, contact us today to get more information. 

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What Heat Pump Manufactures Do We Repair & Service In Condo Buildings?

Condo-Water-Source-Heat-Pump-Repair-Maintenance-Services-Toronto-GTA-Whalen-OMEGA-Daikin-UnitsHome Trade Standards Technicians are trained to provide Water Source Heat Pump Services for Vertical & Horizontal Heat Pump Systems in your condo.

Here are some of the major Water Source Heat Pump Manufacturers we provide repair, maintenance & installation services:

  1. Whalen
  2. Omega
  3. Mammoth
  4. Daikin
  5. Carrier
  6. ClimateMaster
  7. McQuay
  8. Skymark International

5 Common Heat Pump Problems In Condos

  1. No Heat - Unit Does Not Run
  2. Broken Loose Wires - Unit Come ON & OFF
  3. Thermostat Malfunction
  4. Sudden Rattling Noise
  5. Insufficient Heating & Cooling

If you are experiencing any of the above situations you are not alone. These 5 cases are the highest Water Source Heat Pump problems reported by our clients. Our Condo HVAC Technicians have working knowledge and experience to troubleshoot and find the problem.

Water Source Heat Pump Maintenance In Condos

Water Source Heat Pump Repair & Maintenance In Condos is one of our professional In-Suite Building HVAC Services in Toronto & GTA Area. Some Condominium managements have a fixed Annual Heat Pump Maintenance Program with a Building HVAC contractor. At Home Trade Standards, we offer Professional Condo HVAC Repair & Maintenance for individual condo owners.

Whalen Heat Pump Repair Services

We have a designated Condo Heat Pump Expert Team & Test Centre for Condominium HVAC Mechanical Repair & Troubleshooting all types of Water Source Heat Pumps. WHALEN Vertical Stack Heat Pumps are the most common heat pumps in Toronto Condominiums. Our Heat Pump Technicians can repair all make and models such as OMEGA, DAIKIN, CARRIER, ClimateMaster & WHALEN Heat Pump Systems. 

How Much Does It Cost To Install a New Heat Pump In a High Rise Condo?

Condo Heat Pump Replacement Costs can vary from one building to another. Every condo is unique and every unit has a particular engineering specification. Typically the cost of condo heat pump installation & replacement can range from $2800 to $4500 plus applicable taxes in Toronto & GTA area. Heat pump installation 

We work directly with Condo Water Source Heat Pump Manufacturers to deliver the most cost-effective Condo HVAC Replacement Solutions in Toronto & GTA area. Our services are as follows: 

If your building is older than 10 years old, please contact us directly to schedule an appointment for an onsite building assessment. We work closely with condo property managers and residents to deliver the most reliable Condo HVAC Services in Toronto & GTA Area.

Condominium Heat Pump Installation In Downtown Toronto - Before & After

15 Year old Climatemaster Heating & Air Conditioning Water Source Heat Pump Replacement. Besides Technology and higher efficiency, the main difference between older and newer water source heat pumps are in refrigeration systems. The older Heat Pumps use R22 whereas the newer units use R410 refrigerant. 


Heat Pump Annual Maintenance

We recommend doing annual Maintenance & Inspection On All Water Source Heat Pump Systems. According to Whalen Company Manufacturer Recommendations, We recommend The Following 10 Steps For Proper Annual Heat Pump Maintenance Procedure:

1. Visual Inspection

2. Run Basic Operation With The Thermostat

3. Remove Panel & Replace The Filter (Clean return air panel as necessary)

4. Shut Off The Main Power and Remove The Inner Panel.

5. Vacuum Air Coil Surface Inside. You Can Use Mixture Of Soap & Water To Spary The Face of The Coil. We Use Special Germ Cleaners & Coil Cleaning Products For This Task.  

6. Clean & Inspect Fan and Motor Assembly for Dirt and Debris.

housing and blower wheel if required. ((Whalen Units utilize permanently lubricated motors that do not require special care or maintenance when suitable air filters are installed and properly maintained).

7. Inspect Chassis Water Hoses For Cracks and/or leaks. The life span of hoses is approximately 5 years. Hoses should be

the hand tightened only do not over-tighten.

8. Inspect drain pan, clean if necessary. Check Condensate Drain To Ensure It's Not Clogged

9. Replace the inner panel & reinstall the panel with a clean filter installed.

10. Restore Power

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