Toronto Condo Landlords Are Responsible To Keep Temperature At Minimum of 21 Degrees Celsius

TORONTO MUNICIPAL CODE CHAPTER 629, PROPERTY STANDARDS  explains how Toronto residential dwelling house, town-house, low rise and condominium Landlords are responsible to maintain the temperature at 21 degrees from Sep 15 To June 126 Degrees from June 2 to Sep 14. Section 629-38 bylaw also continues further to explain how “heating and air conditioning systems must be kept in good repair and maintained in good working condition at all times relevant to the operation of that system”. Here are a few other important bylaws on how these units must be operated by landlords:

629-38  B. Every dwelling and every dwelling unit shall have a heating system capable of maintaining a room temperature of 21 degrees Celsius at 1.5 metres above the floor level in all habitable rooms, bathrooms and toilet rooms. Also, increase the maximum fine amount from $5,000 to $100,000;  [Amended 2004-06-24 – Please Refer To By-law No. 559-2004 For The Complete Document].

629-38 – F. All air-conditioning systems shall be operated from June 2 to September 14 so as to maintain an indoor temperature of not more than 26 degrees Celsius. 

onto sidewalks, walkways, driveways and entrance areas or other areas used for pedestrian or vehicular traffic. 

629-38 -H. All air conditioners and other water-cooled equipment shall be equipped with proper devices for the prevention of condensation drainage or discharge shall be configured so as not to cause damage to the walls or foundations or other parts of a low rise or highrise building. 

Condominium Heating Minimum Temperature

Condominium Landlords are responsible to keep the temperature at a minimum of 21 degrees Celsius between September 15 and June 1 during 2020-2021 winter. Property owners and landlords can have the heat off during this period when the temperature of outside and inside the condo can be maintained above 21 Degree without any use of the condo HVAC system.

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Condominium Air Conditioner Maximum Temperature

If your lease agreement between you and your landlord is signed with a working air conditioning in your contract then your Condominium Landlords who supply and provide air conditioning are responsible to keep the temperature not more than 26 degrees Celsius between June 1 to Sep 15  during summer 2021.

Municipal Licensing & Standards is responsible to investigate all the issues related to heating and air conditioning bylaws if they are not dealt with within a reasonable amount of time, you can contact 311 to file a complaint.

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Property Management and Superintendent Are Not Responsible For Condo HVAC Repair or Emergency Replacement. In fact, it is an individual condo unit owner’s responsibility to provide or seek a Condo HVAC Company during no heat or no air conditioning situation. Most Condo Management only provides Annual or Semi-Annual Condo Heating & Air Conditioning Maintenance For Suite Owners. 

Annual Condo Heating & Air Conditioning Maintenance For Suite Owners

Annual Condo Heating & Air Conditioning Maintenance For Suite Owners does not include emergency repair or replacement. This is a service provided by a building preferred contractor who is employed to complete basic maintenance task for each suite owners. Due to limited time, Annual Condo HVAC Preventative maintenance does not always stop heating and air conditioning systems in a condominium such as a fan coil or heat pump from breaking down. 

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